Saturday, March 27, 2004

when jokers attack

Well, this is kind of funny...

Thursday night, I went to the station right after my last class, and Mike, one of the metal DJs (actually, he doesn't have a show right now) told me that he likes Ladytron. That's not the funny thing. I already knew that he liked some things that weren't metal. No, what was funny was that when he searched for stuff about Ladytron online, he found their music videos... on!

They had the videos for "Blue Jeans" (actually, "Blue Jeans 2.0" from Softcore Jukebox), "Seventeen", and "Playgirl". My favorite of the three was "Seventeen" just because there's some crazy stuff going on in that video.

So, after seeing those videos, I thought, "If they have Ladytron on, I wonder what else they might have."

And surprisingly, they had the latest video from the Brian Jonestown Massacre ("When Jokers Attack"). It's very cool. Cool Chick #59 went through the roof when I showed it to her the next day. They went all out for that video. They came up with a real concept and everything. Oh, and if you hate Anton as a person, but you like BJM's music, you'll be happy to know that Anton doesn't appear in the video at all. It's just a weird psychedlic mishmash of some woman holding a guitar and lip-synching to the song and some religious artifacts.

They had quite a few other videos by some of the bigger indie bands. Some of them are full-length videos, while others are just 30-second clips. They have the whole video for "New Resolution" by Azure Ray. They also have this really awesome live video of Pavement doing "Range Life". Plus, live video of Brassy from back when they didn't suck (let's face it, that new album was probably the biggest disappointment of 2003, followed closely by the latest Dandy Warhols album). They had "Please" by Apples In Stereo, but that's just one of the short clips. A short clip of "Girl You Shout" by Dressy Bessy is on there, too, but we all have the DVD that came with the latest Dressy Bessy album, so that doesn't matter (it has the full video on there).

They have Saint Etienne, but those are only short clips. Fuck! And they have "Lucky Number Nine" by the Moldy Peaches, but that's only a clip, too. Double fuck!

Oh, and if you want to see Patrick Carney (that local traitor to indiepop) playing drums, they do have a little clip of the Black Keys, too.

Other stuff on the site that you may find interesting, but I don't endorse: Rainer Maria (full-length videos), Mates of State (clip), Death Cab For Cutie (full-length), Deathray Davies (clip), New Pornographers (clips).

And that's not even all the indie stuff. Go look for yourself if you have a pretty good Internet connection.

While I'm posting, I guess I'll give you an idea of what to expect for Monday's show...

You'll hear Ladytron. I hope you don't hate Ladytron.

Elizabeth told me on Friday that Bent Crayon had one copy of the first Camera Obscura album left (the one I've been playing stuff from is their second). So, I did get it, which means you'll be hearing older Camera Obscura this Monday.

I did actually get the Color Bars CD. You'll hear that, too.

And that's all that I'm going to give away.

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