Friday, May 14, 2004

free kiddo show update, the faq is looming

A couple of details have been added to the Kiddo show description. There's going to be some other band called the Boatzz playing that night, and they tacked on a couple of sentences to the description after the whole Locke thing. I'll post the sentences so you don't have to look:

Kiddo will be playing first on this bill @ 10:30pm. Also, DJ Fishtruck will be spinning records in between sets.

10:30? That's pretty late, even for a Cleveland show. And who's this DJ Fishtruck? I've never heard of this DJ Fishtruck?

And since Kiddo is going first, I guess I'll be able to leave the show early. I know, that's a bad attitude, but I just can't get into Coffinberry, and the Boatzz don't sound like they'll be good.

Also, I want you to know that I've started the FAQ and made quite a bit of progress in it. I intend to have it finished/posted tonight. So, if you have any questions you'd like to see in it, put them in the comments RIGHT NOW.

Questions answered so far include where the name of the show came from, what are the soundbites in the show theme, and the purpose of the show theme's existence.

Come back late tonight to see if the FAQ is done.

whoever wrote this sounds like a very lame music fan.First off the Boatzz who "don't sound like they'll be any good"are quite good!Have you ever heard don't judge a book by it's cover? Secondly d.j. fishtruck is no other than the Beachland ballrooms co-owner Mark Leddy.So maybe when you brush up on the Cleveland rock scene a little you can stop eating at the kids table!
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