Monday, May 24, 2004

maybe someday, when i get my brain fixed, i'll be the indiepop jello biafra

Was my "Night of the Living Rednecks" story a rehearsal for next week when I do Chris and Thea's time slot? We'll see. If I try a talk show, I'll take calls, since I wouldn't be able to carry the whole thing by myself (of course, not many people could carry a talk show with a two-hour monologue).

Did you notice the new carts? I got another voice synth program, and made some stuff with it. Actually, I had two other new carts, but I couldn't get them to work. Long story. But anyway, I'm sure you heard the new website ad, and then there was that pretentious one I played just before the second hour of the show.

The MC Hawking site posted in the comments this morning was dope! Thanks, Kris. And while I'm at it, the "mic in track" site you posted a couple of weeks ago rules, too. I did notice the dictionaraoke on that site, and that's good stuff, too.

I put some more links on the right of the site. There's a new site for the Frogs. Their official site has been down for the last few months, and I just found out about this site at the show on Saturday. So, that's where all the Frogs fans are congregating right now. There are a bunch of good MP3s on there. Lots of covers, and a couple versions of "Deathbed", which is one of my favorite songs of their's.

And visit It's an excellent site about religion and hot topics in religion today. Anything controversial concerning religion is addressed on there, and it tries to present all sides of a controversial issue. Interesting stuff. I'd donate a million dollars to that site if I was a rockstar.

I have to go make a cart for Cassettefest Fest, now. It's going to be on June 19th at Pat's. The bands are Harvey + Felix, the Pinheads, the Electric Grandmother, Black Cabbage, Dead Peasant Insurance, the Thursday Club, Neonatal Death, Love Spank, and Dolly's Crotch. We haven't figured out in what order the bands will play, but hopefully we'll do that before we make the cart.

OH SHIT! I forgot to announce during the show that the Ghetto Squirrels are going to be at the station on Wednesday for Jasmine's show (3 to 5 in the afternoon). Both Sal and Scott! I don't think they're playing any live songs, but it's still good that they're making a public appearance together. Very exciting. We'll see if this leads to a reunion show.

Well, I'd better go now...

edit: I forgot to mention before that my review of the new Pants Yell! CD was posted on Mundane Sounds last week. I should have another review posted soon, as well.

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