Monday, May 10, 2004

people are just starting to get the memo

So, this is quite funny. The common theme from my phone calls this morning (and one comment under the playlist) is "Aren't you Sergio Van Lukenstein? Wow, you're back on the air." I think I got 3 calls to that effect and then the one comment on here. Hm... I wonder why that happened today. This show has been on since February. Weird.

If you're new to here, I have to tell you that you're not supposed to call me "Sergio" anymore. I've renounced the evil deeds I've done under that name and seek to atone for my wrongdoing by aiding the geeky Hello Kitty-like twee pop fans in any way I can.

And I had planned months ahead to end my old show. The joke wasn't funny anymore. It had to self-destruct.

But I just don't know why people are discovering the show just now. Maybe it had something to do with talking 30 minutes into the show instead of waiting a whole hour today. Or maybe it was the kickass Neutral Milk Hotel in Cleveland material.

Oh, that reminds me... "Bleeding Ear Man" is a nickname given to that one guy who goes to a lot of the good shows, rollerskates around, and says weird things in between songs. I wonder why they never kick him out. My favorite Bleeding Ear Man moment from my personal concertgoing experiences was at a Trembling Blue Stars show. He'd been yelling crazy shit, and at one point, the female singer in the band said, "You're scaring me" and a bunch of people in the audience cheered. I guess you had to be there to understand the full magnitude of that experience.

I don't remember why he's called Bleeding Ear Man. Cool Chick told me once, but I forget the story now. All I know was that on some occasion, his ear was bleeding.

Harry and the Potters are considering doing a Cleveland show this summer. Joe (a.k.a. Harry, year 4) is actually in high school, so they're thinking about doing a Harry and the Potters/Joe looks at colleges tour. I guess Joe is considering a school in Pittsburgh, and they think that they'd be willing to make the jump a little further west to Cleveland.

So, what do you think? You'd love to see Harry and the Potters live, wouldn't you? And lots of kids like Harry Potter, too, so they may also enjoy seeing Harry and the Potters. So, can any of you out there think of a good all-ages venue where they might be able to play? The Grog Shop is all-ages, but maybe it would be better not to have the show in a bar. They'll play at libraries or schools. Any place that would have them.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can get more info about them at their website, which has a few sample songs and Internet-exclusive tracks.

By the way, the new Harry and the Potters stuff is from the Mail Songs EP. If you mail them something "fun", you get that in return. So, I mailed them a copy of one of the Boogiepop episodes where I played their stuff. Not the one where I played almost the whole album. Just one where I played a couple of their songs. And yes, I played the whole thing this morning, one song after the other. It's demos and unreleased stuff.

The new Sonic Youth album is just ho-hum. Sorry if you're disappointed that I didn't play any more from it that that one song, but I think that what I played was the best track on the whole album (or second best, or tied for first... I'm not sure because "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" rocks). Like I said on the air, I think they could put out better stuff.

The Black Cabbage material that I played today is available for download at their website. Click here for maximum cohegency.

Did you like "Kagome Is a Bike Punk", but don't understand what it's about? Well, Kagome is a character in an anime aired on Cartoon Network called Inuyasha. More info and background on Inuyasha, you can go here. The lyrics to the song aren't totally accurate, though, because it was written at a time when Inuyasha had been temporarily taken off the air until new episodes were ready to be aired. Inuyasha can currently be seen Monday through Thursday at midnight, and Saturday at 11 p.m. and midnight, as well. Right now, they're showing new episodes in the Saturday 11 p.m. time slot, so Black Cabbage and I are certainly excited about that.

You know what Adult Swim really did take off the air? The Brak Show AND Home Movies. And I don't mean that they've been taken off as part of a standard Adult Swim temporary rotation. I mean, they're GONE FOREVER! I thought that the Brak Show cancellation was a joke because they announced during the Brak Show segments during the breaks on the Adult Swim New Year's Eve special. But it looks like that was not a joke. During commercial breaks on Adult Swim, they're showing these graves with Brak, Zorak, Moltar, and Space Ghost's names on them. That doesn't look good. It seems that Space Ghost might be cancelled, too. And Home Movies was just cancelled in April. What the fuck? They cancel Home Movies, but they'll still show the Oblongs? What a load of bullshit. Adult Swim needs to get their priorities straight. I haven't even been watching the Sunday night Adult Swim thanks to the cancellation of Home Movies (and because I like listening to "The Best of WCSB" every Sunday night at midnight now). ARGH!

Well, this is a long post, so I think I'll stop here. I'm sure I've said enough for right now.

Home Movies is a terrible show, and Oblongs has rightly taken its place.
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