Monday, May 24, 2004

playlist for May 24, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:58)

The Frogs "oh the ants (crawl round and round)" dennis voice only
The Magnetic Fields "I'm Tongue-Tied" i
The Softies "Sleep Away Your Troubles" Holiday In Rhode Island
Talulah Gosh "My Best Friend" Backwash
Gaze "Whenever She Holds You" Patty Duke Fanzine #2
The Casino Ashtrays "The Last Time I Felt Like Dying" The Way Things Change Vol. 4
The Real Tuesday Weld "The Ugly and the Beautiful" I, Lucifer
The Diskettes "Bossa Nova Love" The Diskettes
Morrissey "Let Me Kiss You" You Are the Quarry
Hayden "My Wife" Elk Lake Serenade
Freezepop "duct tape my heart" fancy ultra-fresh
I am the World Trade Center "No Expectations" I am the World Trade Center/Paper Lions split 12"
Lil Pocket Knife "East Coast/West Coast" Pants Control
Dead Alewives "Mama Rap" Take Down the Grand Master
Beauty Pageant "Afterlife" Magic By Error
Beanpole "I'd Know You Anywhere" Pop American Style
Yo La Tengo "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" 2004 WFMU All-Request Marathon
The Frogs (w/Eddie Vedder) "The Longing Goes Away" Seattle 11-11-94 show

set 2 (10:19-11:00)

The Blow "Little Sally Tutorial" Bonus Album
The Blow "What Tom Said About Girls" The Concussive Caress
Dressy Bessy "California" California EP
The I Love Ryans "An Ode to Branch Security" There Were Trees In That Forest
Sinkcharmer "American Chestnut" There Were Trees In That Forest
Pavement "Two States" (live) Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe
Sonic Youth "Paper Cup Exit" Sonic Nurse
Morrissey "America Is Not the World" You Are the Quarry
Of Montreal "City Bird" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Magnetic Fields "I Wish I Had an Evil Twin" i
Pants Yell! "Do You Have Your Ticket?" Songs For Siblings


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