Monday, May 03, 2004

playlist for May 3, 2004

set 1 (9:05-9:59)

The Dead Alewives "Dungeons and Dragons" Take Down the Grand Master
Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
Leonard Nimoy "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" ?
eX-Girl "DODO" Endangered Species
Roybot "AOHell" Asaurus Records EP Club #4
I am the World Trade Center "Different Stories" The Tour E.P.
Sinkcharmer "20 Paces" Stars In Winter
Of Montreal "Color Me In" Bonus CD
Dear Nora "Suicide Song" Mountain Rock
Dear Nora "Give Me Some of Yr Love" Mountain Rock
Mirah "The Light" C'mon Miracle
Hayden "Skates" Everything I Long For
Hayden "Robbed Blind" Badman 2004 Summer Sampler
D+ "Mistake" Mistake
The Color Bars "We're a Tag Team" Making Playthings
The Twilight "Where I'm Going to Be" live on Elixir Is Zog
The Twilight "Laid" live on Elixir Is Zog

set 2 (10:12-11:00)

Call and Response "Rollerskate" Call and Response
Call and Response "Trapped Under Ice" Badman 2004 Summer Sampler
Wolfie "Little Bee Is Dancin'" Where's Wolfie
Sloan "Step On It, Jean" Action Pact
Yo La Tengo "She Cracked" 2004 WFMU All-Request Marathon
Boyskout "Back to Bed" School of Etiquette
Desoto Reds "Larissa's Boyfriend" Hanglide Thru Yer Window
Shael Riley "Zelda the Music of My Groin" ?
The Pancakes "Nonsense Poetry" Flying In the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
Asobi Seksu "Umi No Jisatsu" Asobi Seksu
Gaze "Sunday Night Waterworks" Shake the Pounce
The Twilight "I've Got Something to Say" live on Elixir Is Zog
The Color Bars "Eliza" Making Playthings
Yo La Tengo "Hey Ya" 2004 WFMU All-Request Marathon
The Dead Alewives "Dungeons and Dragons Pt. 2" ?


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