Monday, May 03, 2004

post-show show

I would have done this earlier, but I had a bunch of shit to do after my show today.


I felt like pulling an especially large amount of geekiness this morning because last week, on my favorite news site, there was a post about the 30th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. I never played Dungeons and Dragons, but I certainly understand and appreciate it. When I was in middle school, my friends and I used to play our own made-up pen and paper RPGs (you don't have to spend a bunch of money on manuals and shit for a game that's based on your imagination), and Dungeons and Dragons influenced all those great video game RPGs like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Ultima, etc. So, I thought I would pay "tribute" to it today.

Since you're cool enough to come here and read this stuff, I'm going to give you some bonus Dungeons and Dragons fun. When Fark posted the thing about D&D, they linked to "Dark Dungeons", an anti-RPG religious tract done by Jack Chick. If you don't know who Jack Chick is, he's one of the most fucked up people in the religious right. He draws all this religious propaganda in small comic book form known as "tracts". A lot of his stuff is unintentionally funny. "Dark Dungeons" is a fucking riot. So, here's the link to "Dark Dungeons" so you can see it for yourself.

While I'm at it, in the comments section for that D&D story, a couple people posted links to parodies of "Dark Dungeons". You have to see these, too. I laughed my ass off at this one. And then here's the other one, which is good, but kind of falls apart toward the end. So, have fun with those.

Also, as I promised in the comments, here's a site with MP3s of Leonard Nimoy's "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", plus some of William Shatner's greatest hits. Leonard Nimoy was an underrated singer. I think he actually had talent. Do you remember that episode of The Critic where Jay Sherman becomes a truck driver and he's forced to make his trucking run in either a truck with Supertramp's greatest hits stuck in the tape player or Leonard Nimoy singing Supertramp's greatest hits stuck in the player? He chose Leonard Nimoy singing Supertramp over the real thing, and I believe that was very much the correct option.

Someone was interested in video game remixes, too. There are a bunch of places where you can get free remix MP3s. The site where I got all the ones that I played this morning (including "Zelda the Music of My Groin" is the OverClocked Remix site. I also just found a similar site called At those sites, you can find lots of remixes for lots of different games on different systems. I also have this link for you, which is a page with a bunch of links to websites of artists who do video game covers/remixes. So, going through that stuff will occupy a lot of your time.

And I have one more link for you. I stole this one from largeheartedboy. It's a link to the MP3s of the all-request Yo La Tengo show that I played the Jonathan Richman and Outkast covers from this morning. I hope you have an unzipping program because the MP3s are bundled together in one zip file.

I don't know if I have any other news. I'm still deciding whether or not to talk more on the show.

I've done a couple reviews for Mundane Sounds that haven't been posted yet. I'll give you the word when they've been posted.

And if you haven't looked two or three posts down at the post with the link to the new Hello Kitty logo that Pat from the Twilight made for me, you should do that. And comment on it.

I think that's all I have for now. I'll post more whenever something comes up or I remember something that I wanted to say here.

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