Tuesday, May 11, 2004

quick notes

My Asobi Seksu review was posted on Mundane Sounds yesterday. I didn't catch it before because it wasn't posted before yesterday's show.

Also, I wanted to ask again about Harry and the Potters. I really do want them to play here. At the Twilight show last Friday, Pat from the Twilight said that they might be able to play at Case. I didn't really get to talk about it with him in detail because a band was playing while we were talking. But I think that Joe from Harry and the Potters is thinking about checking out Case, so it might be good if they could play there. So, can any of you tell me if there's somewhere around the Case campus where they might be able to play?

Someone else posted a comment about the Doubting Thomas gallery in Tremont, too. Does anyone think that Doubting Thomas would have a band like Harry and the Potters there? I've never been to Doubting Thomas, by the way. Anyone think it would be big enough?

That's all that I have to say for now. Let's see if I post again sometime before next week's episode.

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