Friday, June 04, 2004

churchbuilder for cheap

Well, this is kind of funny. Anyone here like Churchbuilder, but never got around to buying their full-length album, Patty Darling, and/or the EP they released after that, Microdancer? Well, now seems like the perfect time to buy them. Churchbuilder's label, Shelflife Records, is having a clearance sale, and those two CDs are among the merchandise they're trying to clear out in favor of newer releases.

The site says that Patty Darling is now $6, and Microdancer is now $2.

Anyone know if Denise Grollmus is doing anything right now besides writing for the Akron Beacon Journal? Anything musically, I mean. Just checking to see if anyone has heard anything since I did that one "Churchbuilder: Where are they now?" post.

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