Tuesday, June 29, 2004

glasses fetish?

Yes, I never did get around to doing a post show entry last week. Honestly, I just didn't feel like it. Let's just say that morale has been low around here recently. Partly because of the failure of Cassettefest Fest, but for other reasons. If you wonder why I don't make this blog more personal, it's mostly because it would be quite a bitchfest. (But it's also because my life is boring and uninteresting, too.)

So, yes, Cassettefest Fest was a failure. Just a commercial failure, though. It was good artistically and people missed some excellent bands they've never heard of. But anyway, we did make a little over $100, and we're going to use it to finally get that Sonic Youth Dirty 2-CD set. We need that. Besides that, I don't know what else we're going to get.

In more recent news, the details of the Pants Yell! show are almost all taken care of. The Twilight is going to play, and the show will be their CD release party. (If that's wrong, feel free to say so on the comment link, guys!) And it's going to be at Pat's in the Flats. I just need one more band to play there (we're probably going to stick someone else from Van Gogh Round, the Twilight's label, on the bill) and figure out where Pants Yell! is going to sleep that night.

You may have noticed that I played the Thermals today. I may never do that again. I actually don't like them. For some reason, people just don't understand that the All Girl Summer Fun Band is better. I say that because the drummer for the Thermals, Kathy Foster, is also in AGSFB. Anyway, I played that because the guy who requested it touted himself as an indie geek. I was just happy to get a call from someone in the target audience who hadn't called before.

No, I don't really have age requirements for my target audience. I just want indie geeks or people willing to be converted to the belief system of indie geekism.

I have links for you...

Remember Tilly and the Wall? My review for their CD was posted on Mundane Sounds last week. Also, you can download their "Woo" 6-song demo in MP3 format from a site called oftherecord.org. Click on the features section to find it.

Also, I did a review of the new Call and Response CD that was posted on Mundane Sounds today.

That's it for now.

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