Friday, June 04, 2004

other news

TOS! Look at the post before this one! I need your help!

Anyway, I really don't have much other news about the show. I didn't really do a talk show. I held myself back because I don't know how many personal details about my life I really want to give away, and I don't want to just make any up.

I thought about talking about this horrible version of the movie Dazed and Confused that I saw before. It was on the Oxygen channel. I don't actually watch that channel, but when I saw on the TV Guide channel that they were showing Dazed and Confused, I decided to watch it. (Actually, I have seen a little bit of that channel before. I watched the softcore porn they have on Sunday nights a couple of times. Yeah. They have softcore porn. Weird.) Well... they fucking butchered it! I couldn't believe the extent they went to censoring it. You know how you were able to say "bitch" and "slut" on television before? Well, they actually dubbed the word "bimbo" over the word "bitch", and the word "slob" over the word "slut". That's really sad that it had to get up to that level of repression. But that's not all. They took out all references to marijuana. For example, there's the one part where that older guy asked Mitch if he has a joint, and when Mitch said no, he said, "It would be cool if you did." They changed the word "joint" to "smoke". That's fucked up. I don't know how you could have Dazed and Confused without the marijuana. Oh, and you remember all the paddles that the seniors were hitting the freshmen with? One of them orginally said "FAH Q" (that's a phonetic spelling of "fuck you", in case you don't realize it), but they airbrushed out the "Q". And besides that, they dubbed the word "butt" over the word "ass". What the fuck?! I could list more, but I think I've said enough. Were they making this version specifically for a middle school audience?

I'd say that if you'd have to subject Dazed and Confused to that much censorship to make it suitable for (cable!) television, then I'd say that you should just forget about showing it at all.

Please, please, please, let the conservatives fucking die off so all of our art doesn't have to be subjected to that much bastardization in order to be deemed fit for mass consumption.

So, I could have went on about that, but I just didn't feel like talking about it on the show.

In other news, look at the Kiddo website. The picture that comes up on the first page is priceless!

If you didn't click on the comments link under the latest playlist... you're not missing much. Except that Phoenix has given us another band to add to the list of great Michigan bands (like New Grenada, the Twilight, the Trembling, etc.). This band is called Showdown at the Equator. You'll want to check out the website because there are a bunch of MP3s on it.

On the next show, I'll have tickets to see Weird War and the Color Bars at the Beachland on Monday night (the 7th), plus tickets to see the Twilight in their first show in the Beachland BALLROOM on Wednesday (the 9th).

I think that's all I have to say for now.


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