Tuesday, August 17, 2004

climb high, climb high

I GOT THE CANADIAN TELEVISION SIGNALS BACK! I guess my threat worked. You know, the threat to publicly protest the denial of the Canadian audio/visual goodness by ripping out my own fucking organs on the street to symbolize how the absence of Canadian television has affected me psychologically. The FCC really is listening.

So, I get to watch Olympic coverage without NBC's drama bullshit. You know what I mean, right? They like to do all these personality pieces about the athletes. Yeah, I understand that it's supposed to make you care more deeply for the athletes and get you more emotionally involved in their competition. But come on... anyone watching the Olympics already cares quite a bit about what happens because of national pride.

Oh, and I thought that all the Internet listeners would be gone after my little tirade about losing Canadian television and making the threat to vivisect myself, but I checked afterwards and saw that there were 10. That's actually a lot for my show. I think it's the most I've ever had, in fact. Neato.

I went to the Calvin Johnson/Ian Svenonius DJ thing last night. Whoever won tickets didn't, though. Argh! I'm so unhappy with the way the ticket giveaway went. Don't tell me that only a couple people who listen to my show know who those people are!

Anyway, I had a good time and got to hobnob with the legends of indie rock. I did talk to Calvin and got to ask him what happened to Heather after Beat Happening. She's married in Seattle with two kids. She didn't join another band, but she sang on a few songs with a band (one-man band, I think) called Land of the Loops. We do have their CDs at the station, and I'll play one or two of the songs that she sings on sometime during the next show. It sounds like Heather singing in a tweepop fashion over hip-hop beats. It's actually pretty good.

Calvin didn't bring much merch to sell with him. He did have buttons (yes, that included K Records buttons), and he had these compilation tapes that he made of all these different genres of music. I got a couple that he made of '50/'60s girl groups.

Ian recognized me right away. I asked him how he learned how to dance, and he said that the first thing one should do when learning how to dance is to watch the movie Quadrophenia and copy the moves that they do. Then you can go from there. He also said that when you dance, you shouldn't look at other people, even with the other person you might be dancing with. It makes you feel less goofy that way.

I wish I had taken a tape recorder. I bet Ian would have given me an interview if I asked him to. Maybe Calvin would have, too. Calvin is not a jerk at all.

And what type of music did they play? Ian played mostly old rock and R & B. Calvin played old stuff, too, but also many modern things. Like a new song by the Blow that hasn't been released yet. It sounded really good. Calvin said that it's not getting released until November. I can't wait that long! I bet this upcoming Blow album is going to be better than the last.

And before I forget, I have a sad announcement to make. You know that show on WCSB at midnight on Sunday night/early Monday morning? That's the Scruggscorp Radio (aka "Best of WCSB") show. One of the people who does that show told me that this weekend is going to be the final episode. :(

I'm going to miss it. I think that was one of the best shows on college radio.

Well... I don't think I have anything else to say for right now. Blah.

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