Monday, August 02, 2004

playlist for august 2, 2004

9:00 hour

Harry and the Potters "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Cocker Spaniels "the only black guy at the indie show" withstand the whatnot
Hott Beat "Mall Song" A Hott Mess
The Capricorns "You'll Never Be Mine" Go the Distance
Kiddo "This Could Take Forever" (basement recording)
Sloan "Gimme That" Action Pact
The Wiggins "Rapture Dance" (unreleased?)
Rapider Than Horsepower "Little Trouble Girl" Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic Youth
The Smittens "Gentlefication Now! (the La La La Song)" Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens "My Girl" Gentlefication Now!
Radiohead "You and Whose Army?" Amnesiac
Slowblow "i know you can smile" Slowblow
New Grenada "Eric's Trip" Confuse Yr Idols
Sonic Youth "Stalker" Dirty (reissue)

10:00 hour

Sonic Youth "Shoot" Dirty
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" You Are the Light EP
They Might Be Giants "Museum of Idiots" The Spine
Nedelle and Thom "It's Up to You" Summerland
The Frenchmen "Crimes of Fashion" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
The Frenchmen "Flake For You" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
63 Crayons "Sam's Pancake Breakfast/Song for My Sister" Good People
Colin Clary and the Magogs "The Shape of This Town" Her Life of Crime
The Smittens "I Hate Vermont" Gentlefication Now!
Harvey and Felix "Crosswalk" Farm Aid (is it just me, or is this a Dave Matthews parody? i hope it is!)
Harvey and Felix "America Will Punch You" Farm Aid
Harry and the Potters "Keeping Secrets From Me" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Harry and the Potters "Cornelius Fudge Is an Ass" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Harry and the Potters "SPEW" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Tub Ring "Kool Thing" Confuse Yr Idols


Now, go see the Smittens and Harvey and Felix tonight!

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