Sunday, August 01, 2004

there's something moving over there on the right, like nothing i've ever seen...

Okay, the first thing I should tell you is that the new equipment is all set up in the main air studio, but the changeover from the production studio to the main air studio isn't going to happen until monday afternoon. So, there will be just one more show without the live playlist updates.

This next show will be really good, though. I have LOTS of new stuff to play. Like New Grenada's cover of "Eric's Trip". And the new Harry and the Potters CD. I got that package with the Sonic Youth Dirty 2-CD reissue and the latest Capricorns CD that we got with Cassettefest Fest money. And we just got the full version of the new TMBG CD (we only had a 3-song sampler before). But maybe the TMBG CD isn't that big of a deal because they were at the peak of their power when it was just the two Johns and they didn't record with a full band.

By the way, Harry and the Potters ruled! It's too bad you didn't go to see them. Quite a few people did go. People of all ages, including some teenagers/young adults who knew the lyrics to the songs. I wonder if anyone went as a result of hearing about them on my show.

Anyway, they did a great set, playing at least 75% of their recorded material, spanning all five books. They played all the hit songs from both CDs, and then some. Someone requested the Internet-only single, "The Wrath of Hermione", so they played that, too.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, and most of the people in the audience stayed afterwards to get their pictures taken with the two Harrys and have them autograph their CDs. One adult couple even brought an infant to the show, and they said something about it being their baby's "first indie show". Very cute. I didn't get a picture, but I did have them autograph my copy of the new CD.

Then I saw New Grenada and the Twilight last night. New Grenada just rocked out hard, and destroyed a perfectly good bass. They said it was actually old and junky, but it was producing sound, and if it's producing sound, someone could use it.

Really, though, it was great. I wonder if anyone caught the part where they did their cover of "Eric's Trip". Or rather, I wonder if anyone didn't catch it.

I couldn't see all of the Twilight's set. They started late, and I actually had to be at work at midnight. But what I did get to see was good.

Harvey and Felix were there. They told me about what they're going to do at the show on Monday night. I don't think I can tell you what exactly they'll do, but just believe me when I say that it's going to be fucking amazing. I can't wait for it!

So, go see them with the Smittens on Monday night at Pat's in the Flats. I don't know if the Smittens will ever get another chance to come to Cleveland, so you really should go and see them. Just $5. Expecting Rain will be opening.

Hm... Want something good to download. There's this band called the Frenchmen. We just got their CD at the station. They began as a Talulah Gosh cover band, but now they do original songs with that same sort of British indie pop vibe. They have mp3s on their site. Go and download them. One of them is actually a Talulah Gosh cover, too.

Did you see Pitchfork's review of Of Montreal's "Know Your Onion" cover? I feel like breaking my copy of the bonus CD in half and never listening to the songs on it again just because Pitchfork discovered those fucking MP3s on the Of Montreal website. For some reason that makes me feel impure. Hm...

I haven't written any reviews for Mundane Sounds in a while. I'm still with them, but I just haven't had anything I've felt compelled to review. That situation has changed in the last week, so you'll see some more soon.

I don't know if I'll do another post before this coming episode of Boogiepop Does Not Smile, so just click the comments link under this post if you want to leave any comments during the show.

Oh, and I'll be giving away tickets to the Sonic Youth show on the 9th. I'll be doing that at the top of the 10:00 hour.

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