Monday, August 09, 2004

van is a used-up man, man

I thought that today's show didn't really suck, but damn... I forgot to announce those Kiddo and Twilight shows this weekend. Kiddo is playing Friday night at the Beachland, and the Twilight is playing Saturday at that Community Shares benefit at the Beachland. For some reason, I thought those shows were both next weekend. Even though I knew the dates for them. I just became chronologically misplaced, I guess. Sorry about that.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned that I was picking up Canadian television with my antenna? Maybe I won't be for much longer. Some guy called and asked me what the channels were. He was very curt about it, and said nothing about the awesome music I was playing. So, I'm worried that maybe the FCC was listening and now they're going to jam the signals so I won't be able to watch the good shit anymore. Canadian over-the-air television beats the fuck out of ours! They leave in expletives! I saw Biloxi Blues (that comedy in which Matthew Broderick goes to boot camp during WWII and Christopher Walken is the drill seargent) on CBC, and they left "shit" and "asshole" in. And the South Park that they showed last night (not CBC, it was some other Canadian channel) was the NAMBLA episode! They didn't censor it any more than Comedy Central would. And I want to see CBC's coverage of the Olympics! I bet it's going to be so much better than NBC's.

Do any of you people out there pick this stuff up, too? I live high up in an apartment building, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


You'll be happy to know that I got that URL for the Sleater-Kinney/Pearl Jam stuff. It's right here.

I just found the SeƱor Coconot y Su Conjunto CD. It's Latin music version of Kraftwerk songs. I don't know if I would have played it this morning. I'm not into the Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk.

Oh, and I guess I was wrong about Martin Van Buren being in the Simpsons caretaker presidents song. But dammit, I got that William Henry Harrison quote correct!

OH SHIT! Another thing that I forgot to mention was the exciting thing happening at the Beachland on Monday of next week. CALVIN JOHNSON IS GOING TO BE THERE WITH IAN SVENONIUS! They're not singing, though. Just doing DJ sets. I have no idea what they'll be like, but I'm sure I'll be going.

I think that's all that I have to say for now. I should go finish that record review that I have half-written right now. ^_^

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