Monday, October 04, 2004

you're not forgetting poland now, are you?

We just got the new Le Tigre CD today. Not until after the show, though. I'm not sure how I feel about it. All I know is that it does sound like they got more money from their major label deal to put into the making of this album.

I forgot to say before that in that Scene "Best of Cleveland" issue, there's also a WCSB program listing with all the shows divided by genre. It's on page 102. Boogiepop is listed under "Indie". DAMN STRAIGHT!

FUCK! I just realized that Sweetest Day is a week from this Saturday! Which means that I'll have to make the next show the Sweetest Day show in order to stay chronologically relevant. I wish I'd looked that up before this morning's show so I could have announced. I'll probably have to make a cart to play at the beginning of the show next week to announce that it's Sweetest Day so people can make requests. Anyway, those of you who go to this site and are in the know should click on the comments below and make your special Sweetest Day requests soon. Remember, this is an anti-Sweetest Day celebration, so only request breakup songs and such.

This link has a little historical background on Sweetest Day. Guess what! It really was started by a candy company! It was started for supposedly altruistic reasons, but still...

Today when I did that ticket giveaway for the Twilight show, the guy who won said that I didn't have to stop talking, that he liked hearing me talk. Of course, I assumed that he enjoyed making fun of the way that I talk, but he said something about it being endearing to hear me fumble around like an average guy. Which made me very unhappy because that's what Dubya does. I don't want to be like Dubya. :(

I should have taken a public speaking class. And I should be going to law school now.

I hope you liked the 7" stuff. I didn't realize that we had that one Apples In Stereo 7". Which is surprising because I went through all the 7"s a long time ago to look for good stuff. I didn't know about the R.E.M. one, either. I hope that you liked/didn't mind the classic R.E.M.

I'm not playing the new R.E.M. No.

I said something about playing a Cibo Matto 7" this morning. I couldn't find it. It's not where it's supposed to be. Fuck! There was a really good cover song that I wanted to play. I recorded it onto CD a long time ago, though, so I could play it off of that at some point.

But not next week! Fuck! Damn you, October 2004! Damn you for having five Saturdays! And damn Sweetest Day for always being the third Saturday of October! I was really hoping to have one more show before the Sweetest Day classic. Sure, I could delay it for a week, but I don't know if it feel right.

I have to play the Le Tigre CD next week, though. I just can't fucking sit on that. Maybe I will have to delay the show. I'll post something later if I decide to delay it. For now, just start requesting stuff.

Look at the Harry and the Potters website. They've posted lots of anti-Bush links. The best one (which I actually found and suggested to them) is the Anti-Bush game. It's from the makers of the Emo Game.

I don't think I have anything else that I really want to say at the moment so...

Request Sweetest Day songs now!

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