Monday, November 22, 2004

playlist for november 22, 2004

set 1 (9:08-9:41)

Ghetto Squirrels "Old McDonald Had a Factory Farm" (live on some old WCSB show)
Call and Response "Rollerskate" Call and Response
Dick Richards "Don't Take Candy From Strangers" Candycore!
Fur Cups For Teeth "Mystery Train" Allergic 2 Fur
They Might Be Giants "In the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle" No!
Men In Fur "The Tiger Song" Men In Fur
Tullycraft "Sweet" Old Traditions, New Standards
L.A. Tool and Die "Jesus Saved Me at the Record Show" Fashion for the Evildoer
The Twilight "The Violet Evening" (live on Elixir Is Zog)

set 2 (9:50-10:22)

Boyracer "I Thought Even More of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead" Happenstance
Boyracer "Flinch at the Light" Happenstance
Kiddo "This Could Take Forever" Boompa Vol. 1
The Moldy Peaches "Who's Got the Crack" The Moldy Peaches
The Jenni Jensens "Kissing Bee" Amateur Rocket Club 7"
The Dead Milkmen "Bitchin' Camaro (The Best Thanksgiving Ever)" If I Had a Gun EP
Nirvana "Son of a Gun" Incesticide
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Until the World Stops Spinning" Every Night
Winnebago "Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, & Dr. Pepper" Candycore!
Palomar "50 Second" Palomar [I]"
Tiger Trap "Supreme Nothing" Tiger Trap
The Twilight "[Cheesy New Song (don't know real title)]" (live on Elixir Is Zog)

set 3 (10:30-11:00)

ShiSho "Punk Rock Girl" (Finish the bloody CD already! We can't wait much longer!)
The Magnetic Fields "All the Umbrellas In London" live on KVRX
Racetrack "Epitaph" City Lights
Cookie Galore "Go Home & Die" Audio Precision
Hum "Why I Like the Robins" You'd Prefer an Astronaut
Papas Fritas "Just to See You" live on KVRX
Of Montreal "Lysergic Bliss" Satanic Panic in the Attic
Colin Clary and the Magogs "Mixed Too Late to Send" Her Life of Crime


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