Monday, November 29, 2004

playlist for november 29, 2004

set 1 (9:07-9:38)

William Shatner "That's Me Trying" Has Been
Ulysses "Push You Away" 010
Colin Clary and the Magogs "Simple Things (Get Pushed Under the Door)" Her Life of Crime
The Smiths "Vicar In a Tutu" The Queen Is Dead
The Late BP Helium "Bluebeard" Amok
Dutch Elms "Amelia Airheart" Music For Happiness
The Twilight "With or Without You" (live on Elixir Is Zog)
Boyracer "Awkward Silence Is Not a Steady Diet" Happenstance
The Frenchmen "Flake For You" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
The Frenchmen "Tell Me Why" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
Sloan "Take the Bench" One Chord to Another

set 2 (9:46-10:15)

Mirah "Jerusalem" C'mon Miracle
Apples In Stereo "Strawberryfire" Her Wallpaper Reverie
Saturday Looks Good to Me "The Girl's Distracted" Every Night
Yo La Tengo "Here Comes My Baby" Fakebook
Men in Fur "The Deer Song" Men in Fur
Dead Milkmen "Right Wing Pigeons" Big Lizard In My Backyard
Atom and His Package "Nutrition" Making Love
14 Year Old Girls "Loading Time" Strategy Guide
14 Year Old Girls "Ever Ever Lovequest" Strategy Guide
Le Tigre "I'm So Excited" This Island
Cookie Galore "Like a Dream" Audio Precision

set 3 (10:23-11:00)

Morrissey "The First of the Gang to Die" You Are the Quarry
Slomo Rabbit Kick "This Long Parade" Horatory Examinations
Puffy AmiYumi "Joining a Fun Club" Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Music From the Series
Fur Cups For Teeth "$100 Haircut" Allergic 2 Fur
Dressy Bessy "Bubbles" Heroes and Villians: Music Inspired By the Powerpuff Girls
Bis "Super Secret City of Soundsville Song (PpG End Theme Remix)" The City of Soundsville
Christmas Ape "...Goes to Hershey Park" Candycore!
The Channel "Follow You" The Channel
Tommy heavenly6 "Swear" Japan For Sale Volume 4
Yo La Tengo "Demons" I Shot Andy Warhol Soundtrack


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