Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm also quite unhappy that we have to have Radiothon now. I wish we could postpone it at least a week. I'm afraid that the election results are going to affect our donation totals. I think it's too late to change it, though, and we have to go through with it because it's our main source of operating revenue.

Any of you still planning to donate?

Oh, and I don't think I'm really going to do those t-shirts I was talking about. Does anyone really want to get a t-shirt with "^ ^" and "Boogiepop Does Not Smile" on it written in marker?

Information about Radiothon, and all of our WCSB logo merchandise that will be available during Radiothon can be found here.

Posting in the comments link would be very much appreciated. Seriously, I really want to know if you'll feel like donating next week. I'm scared.

Also on the next show, I'll have tickets to the Palomar/The Twilight gig at the Beachland on Wednesday the 10th. Like I said before, if you're a perverted male, you'll definitely want to see Palomar. But if you're not a perverted male, you'll just want to go because their music is so cute.

And if you're a perverted female, you'll want to see the Twilight because their singer, as I've said previously, is a sexy motherfucker.

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