Monday, December 27, 2004

boogiepop does not smile's 2004 no money mark memorial urine review countdown (part one)

Edit: Because a song was added inside the top ten of the countdown after the airing of part one of the countdown, the numbers of the songs as they were played on the show are now one number higher than what they're supposed to be. The numbers in this post have now been changed to reflect the corrections.

41. Racetrack "Epitaph" City Lights
40. Tilly and the Wall "Fell Down the Stairs" Wild Like Children
39. Denise James "No More Goodbyes" It's Not Enough to Love
38. Sekiden "All Ordinaries" Junior Fiction
37. Palomar "Albacore" Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar
36. Nedelle and Thom "Lullaby" Summerland
35. Asobi Seksu "It's Too Late" Asobi Seksu
34. Mirah "Jerusalem" C'mon Miracle
33. Ulysses "Push You Away" 010
32. The Color Bars "We're a Tag Team" Making Playthings
31. L.A. Tool and Die "Jesus Saved Me at the Record Show" Fashion for the Evildoer
30. I am the World Trade Center "Different Stories" The Cover Up
29. Slomo Rabbit Kick "This Long Parade" Horatory Examinations EP
28. Chester Copperpot "Whine, Women and Song" The Kings of Kirby
27. Marzipan featuring Strong Bad "Sensitive to Bees" Strong Bad Sings and other type hits
26. Boyracer "I Thought Even More of You When You Told Me That You Wanted Me Dead" Happenstance
25. The Frenchmen "Flake For You" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
24. Kiddo "This Could Take Forever" Boompa Vol. 1
23. Lil' Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer"
22. Camera Obscura "A Sisters Social Agony" Underachievers Please Try Harder
21. 14 Year Old Girls "Game Trafficking" Strategy Guide
20. Morrissey "America Is Not the World" You Are the Quarry
19. The Microphones "Universe Conclusion" Live in Japan
18. Freezepop "I am Not Your Gameboy" Fancy Ultra-Fresh
17. Le Tigre "Viz" This Island
16. Boyskout "Secrets" School of Etiquette
15. Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
14. Kimya Dawson "I Will Never Forget" Hidden Vagenda

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