Sunday, December 05, 2004

cwistmas twee?!

Okay, I definitely have to play Christmas music this year. There are a couple important reasons why. One of them is this new Pas/Cal/Asobi Seksu split 7". One side is Pas/Cal doing Wham's "Last Christmas", and the other is Asobi Seksu doing the Ramones' "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)". The sample MP3s sound so fucking good. I hope they ship it to me before my last show before Christmas. The other reason is this compilation called Cwistmas Twee (not a typo). It's Christmas songs from a bunch of great bands like the Smittens, the Diskettes, Snoozer, Colin Clary, and the Icicles. It's probably what Kindercore Christmas Volume 3 would sound like. I hope that gets here soon, too.

Speaking of the Icicles, I just got their new CD... OMG! teh Icic135 r teh r0x0rz! Of course, it's great and I'm going to play multiple songs from it tomorrow.

Hopefully they'll tour soon and we can have that show with them and the Twilight that we've been trying to get to happen since last summer.

In other news, Black Cabbage is no more. They are now calling themselves Iron Oxide. I guess the name change is warranted. They do sound like a different band. They abadoned their duo-based method, have less lyrics, and seem more like all-out noise. (MP3's are at if you don't know what I mean.) I'm going to miss Black Cabbage, but I guess it's inevitable. All part of the Moebius Strip of Sucking. It sucks out one side of the ass, goes back in, and sucks out the other side of the ass. And so on.

Maybe I'll start a band called Black Cabbage and play all their old songs. I don't have a bass, though. I'll have to EQ the fuck out of my guitar. It'll sound like shit.

And I'll probably have to do it solo. So, I think I'll have to use a crazy delay on my guitar to make it sound like two are being played at the same time. So, it'll sound like echoey shit.

Anyway... I don't know when I'll start playing holiday stuff. I don't know if I want to play any tomorrow or if I'll want to wait another week. Hanukkah starts at sundown on the 7th. So, maybe I'll play some of the few Hanukkah songs that I have. Or not. Does anyone care? I don't think any Jewish people listen to me because I've alienated religious people.

People will care about Christmas songs, though, since Christmas has been bastardized into a steaming heap of secular consumerism thanks to good Ol' Saint Nick. That's why they get away with Christmas being a federal holiday. The courts said Santa Claus made it secular. Of course, we'll see if they stuff Jesus back into Christmas thanks to the control that the religious right has.

But I digress... we'll get that classic Run-DMC on for you and that cute Dressy Bessy song where they sing "Driedel, dreidel", too, at some point.

If someone happens to suddenly release an indiepop Kwanzaa album, I'll make sure to get that on, too.

Okay, somebody request something good now...

Edit: I can't find my Icicles CD this morning. This show is going to fucking suck because of that. Don't bother listening now.

Edit of the Edit: Never mind. I found it! It was hiding inside my notebook! Go ahead and listen! This show is going to kick ass now!

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