Thursday, February 10, 2005

caseism part 2

For those who didn't read the comments section of my last post, here's the story with Jens Lekman...

I got to Bent Crayon at 6:30 (I had class until a little before 6 that day) and nothing was going on. John (the owner) said that the in-store was cancelled due to illness. His illness, actually. If you've been to Bent Crayon, you know it's not a gigantic place, so I suppose that he would have had to move stuff around to make room for the band to play. It seems like that would take a lot of effort, so I could understand him not wanting to do it if he was sick. Anyway, he had announced it on Bent Crayon's mailing list, but I don't get that list, so I didn't know it was cancelled. I just ended up buying a reissue of the Field Mice's first EP and album and left.

Since the in-store was a bust, I had to try to get into case if I wanted to see Jens, so I just went to the door, gave them my driver's license, and they let me in. I didn't fall prey to Caseism. Don't get me wrong, it's still an official policy (ask the manager of the Dreadful Yawns, who was forced to tell everyone on the Dreadful Yawns mailing list who wasn't from Case that they couldn't go), but it seems they really are lax about enforcing it. Of Montreal is playing there on 4/20. You might actually be able to get in.

I had a good time. I enjoyed my 10-cent honey mustard wings, and Jens Lekman ruled. He played all the hits, including "I Saw Her at the Anti-War Demonstration" and "You Are the Light". There were people there who knew who he was and actually danced. There was also a Tammy Ealom (frontwoman of Dressy Bessy) lookalike. I should have asked her to jump onstage and do an impromptu version of "If You Should Try to Kiss Her".

Or not.

Icicles fans, there's an Internet radio show that you have to listen to right now. RIGHT NOW! It's called No Love For Ned, and this week's episode has a live set from the Icicles. It features a great new song called "La Ti Da". You just need to have RealPlayer to hear it.

I forgot to tell you earlier about what the fuck was up with that Sergio Van Lukenstein track. That's on a new CD called Il Programma Di Religione released on Boyarm. It's a CD with tribute songs to all 265 popes. So, each track is 15 seconds or less. The Sergio Van Lukenstein track was a rap song about "Innocent II". I had to bleep out the ending because it's kind of questionable. The lyrics are "Innocent II gave a papal decree / banning the crossbow for archery. / You say it's about God but it's really about class. / Hate to have a commoner pop a bolt in your ass, bitch." People might have a problem with things going into the ass, no matter what the context, so I think I had to be careful there.

I'm also on there as Virgins Live, Sluts Die. That track is a no wave-flavored screamfest about "Sixtus IV". He authorized the Spanish Inquisition.

The rest of the CD is also good, and you'll especially like it if you're into crazy sound collage-type things (bleph?). It's $8, and you can get it by clicking here if you're interested.

If you feel like making any more V-Day requests, go ahead. Just click on the comments link below and type something in. And I was already planning to play "The Makeout Song". Fuck yeah! I'm also going to play the Matthew Modine song again. In fact, I should probably play it over and over again for the entire show. But I won't.

That's it for now.

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