Friday, February 25, 2005

i'm not just a sellout, i'm a trendy sellout

Okay, for Ryan and everyone else may have missed it, I interviewed an author named Jen Sincero during the second hour of my last show. She just released this book called The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks. Of course, I couldn't resist a great chance at activism and giving Jen a chance to come on the air and convince the girls of Cleveland to indulge their same-sex curiosities. Whether it really changed anyone's life, I don't know, but I thought it was a fun interview. But since I forgot to change CDs in the middle of my show, I only recorded the first few minutes of it (which is why there's only one part of the show for this week's stream). It's too bad. I can't use footage from that interview to sell out to NPR or satellite radio.

Even though no one commented about the interview after my last post, I tried contacting an indiepopstar to see if she'd come on the show, but I've gotten no answer.

Did any of you read the cover story on this week's Scene? If you're a Churchbuilder fan, it's of particular interest to you. It's a story Denise Grollmus wrote about going on tour with the Black Keys. It's written from her point of view as a rockstar girlfriend (Pat Carney, the drummer is her boyfriend). Denise does mention some of the background of their relationship (like how they first met), but the article totally omits any mention of Churchbuilder. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it seems like a shame to me that Churchbuilder went down the memory hole.

But damn it! I remember Churchbuilder! Churchbuilder wasn't just a dream! I played one of their songs on my Valentine's Day show! It was a request, too.


Anyway, if you haven't read the story, you can click here to read it.

In other news, I've done what seems to be a trendy thing and put this show on Myspace. If you're on Myspace, too, click here to be my friend. It'll make me seem a little more popular and my friend section won't just be dominated by my favorite bands. Although if you happen to be one of the bands that I play and I haven't added you yet, that's okay, I still want to have you in my friends section.

I don't know yet if I'm going to try Friendster.

I stumbled across your blog while doing research on Valentine's Day Ideas for my site Valentine's Day Ideas. Thought I'd say thanks!
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