Monday, February 21, 2005


I uploaded the first 80 minutes of today's show. It ends at the part where I talk about the movie Defending Your Life in reaction to Jen's religious philosophy. Click here to listen to it.

So, does anyone happen to have a bootleg copy of the last 45 minutes of the show? I'd appreciate it if I could get it somehow.

Anyway, the bright side is that at least you can hear Colin Clary & the Magogs & Friends' cover of "Good Vibrations". That's the only song that someone called to ask about today. With good reason, too. It's fucking genius! And it has two Smittens besides Colin on it (that would be Dana and Max).

Seriously, you need to start buying stuff from Asaurus Records. Their CDs are $5 and that new 3-CD box set with that "Good Vibrations" cover is $8. How many 3-CD sets out there can you get for a price like that?

No, I'm not paid for my endorsement of Asaurus Records.

I also forgot to mention that I get no money from the sale of the Il Programma Di Religione comp on Boyarm Records.

And I wasn't paid to interview Jen Sincero or endorse her book, The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks (once again, emphasizing the need to mention the title whenever the opportunity presents itself). I ended up interviewing her because a friend of her's in Cleveland (that's the Shawn guy mentioned a couple of times in the interview) asked me if I was interested, and since the subject matter is something that I have liked to address in the past (or at least issues close to it), I thought it would be interesting to try and interview her. I hope it was interesting to listen to it.

I'm thinking about trying to interview indiepopstars. I have one in particular that I really want to try and get on the show. But I want some feedback. I try not to blatantly fish for compliments, but this is a time when I must make an exception. Did any of you actually like the interview. Please post a comment if you did! PLEASE! I beg you! I really need to know.

And I guess you can post if you didn't like it, too. Any compliments or constructive criticism. ANYTHING! PLEEEEASE! I just need external confirmation or disconfirmation of my interviewing skills. Please?

[insert puppy dog eyes here]

Oh, and don't forget about the Snowglobe show at Capsule this weekend. I'm afraid I might forget, but mentioning it in this post might help me remember.

That's it for now.

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