Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i still haven't found what i'm looking for

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LINKS TO MY SHOW DIDN'T WORK AND NO ONE TOLD ME! You're lucky that I was able to find it out for myself.

Okay, everyone... let's get this straight. If you encounter any broken links or something doesn't seem to work, PLEASE tell me about it. I hate it when I screw something up and it takes a long time to come to my attention, making me look like much more of a dumbass than I would if I had found out about it right away. You could have just posted a comment right under where I posted the links and I would have found out about it very quickly. I'm very egotistical and come here very often to check out all the wonderful things that people post about the show, so I could have had this resolved Monday evening at the latest if someone had spoke up.

And if any of the links to the side are broken or outdated or whatever, please notify me about those, too.

Anyway, the links and everything are fixed now, so just scroll down to the post before this one to hear the latest show.

I guess I have more things that I could say to you, so...

I actually got calls this week. Usually, I don't get calls. You'd be surprised at the number of calls that I don't get. I'm not kidding.

Someone called to ask about Ash while I was playing "Goldfinger". I don't understand why people would call in the middle of songs they like instead of waiting until they end, but I guess that it must mean that person liked it a lot if they couldn't wait for the song to finish.

Also, someone called about the Japanese language Shonen Knife song, "Oolong Brand Monkey Tea". This person had never heard of Shonen Knife before (obviously a new listener -_^)and thought the song reminded her of Thai rock, except somewhat poppier. I've wondered before if there was an indie rock scene in Thailand. Sounds like there is one.

Christian from Kiddo e-mailed me after the show and said he liked the Snow Machine song. If you like the Snow Machine song (it's called "Birmingham") or want to know what the Snow Machine song is, go to their website and click on the media section.

Also, you can download the legendary Negativland U2 single at their website. Just the original two tracks, and not the whole These Guys Are From England and Who Gives a Shit reissue. Click here to get it.

That's all that I have to say for now. I hope that you'll all be good from now on and not hesitate to tell me if something on the site is fucked up. ^_^

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