Monday, March 14, 2005

oh, and i wish we could be dancing in the dark, really slow...

I hope you didn't get annoyed with all that Ash stuff I played today. Best Irish band ever, even though they only released two solid albums of good stuff.

And hopefully you agreed with me when I said that the Mathletes are all that.

Someone in Israel was listening today! They listened to a lot of the show. They tuned out before the end, but still, they heard a lot of the show. Neato!

Here are the MP3s for today's show. Please note that the MP3s for all previous episodes of Boogiepop Does Not Smile are no longer online. They have been deleted. Trying to access them will only get you error messages. Anyway...

Part 1
Part 2

And also, the MP3s for the episode of Scruggscorp Radio that I talk about a couple of posts below are still accessible. I highly encourage you to listen to them. You will laugh your ass off!

Scruggscorp Radio-"Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker":
Part 1
Part 2

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