Friday, March 11, 2005

scruggscorp radio

Greetings, everyone! At this time, Boogiepop Does Not Smile is now proud to present an episode of Scruggscorp Radio in MP3 format. Scruggscorp Radio may very well be my favorite radio show (besides my own... but I do like it more than mine whenever I'm not possessed by self-loathing), and its popularity level is definitely about to explode. This is your last chance to get in on the ground floor of this grand radio phenomenon! If you haven't been able to get yourself to tune into WCSB every Sunday night/early Monday morning from midnight to 2 a.m., you shouldn't pass up this chance to understand the genius that you've been missing!

Scruggscorp Radio is a modern form of radio theatre, a parody of the conventions of commercial radio. It's like a window into an alternate universe in which WCSB was bought out by a heartless corporation owned by a mega-greedy Texas billionaire. Every week's show is done in a different format. Sometimes they have sports talk, other times they have "frat talk", and they'll even have political talk sometimes, as well. Those are only the formats that I can remember.

Anyway, this classic episode from April of 2004 that I'm presenting to you was done in the form of the Jerry Waldaman show, which is a sort of general purpose talk show (or it was until three weeks ago). On this episode, Old Jer interviews a Christian activist who exposes the Satanic conspiracy in Hollywood by playing many classic television themes backward and interpreting the hidden messages.

Yes, this is very funny shit.

Also, I guess that I should tell you that I make a little appearance as an outraged Christian caller.

Besides that, I want you to know that the people behind Scruggscorp Radio didn't ask me to do this. I actually asked them for permission to post this show, and they gave me the enthusiastic "yes". I'm doing this because I have bandwidth to spare and because I want people to understand what I'm talking about when I say that Scruggscorp Radio is genius and the most underrated radio show ever. It's sort of how I want people to be able to understand the greatness that the names of the bands Pants Yell! and the Smittens should evoke.

And I'm not kidding when I say that this show is about to take off. Let's just say that I know something you don't know. So, this really is your last chance to say that I heard Scruggscorp before everyone else did.

If you want to get on the Scruggscorp bandwagon, just click on the links below:

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