Monday, May 30, 2005

playlist for may 30, 2005

set 1 (9:08-9:53)

The Last Hard Men "School's Out" The Last Hard Men
Barcelona "Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me?" simon BASIC
Ed in the Refridgerators "Pope Dance Party" Get Excommunicated!
Dub Narcotic Sound System "Dub Narcotic Express" Yo Yo A Go Go
Chika Chika "Ten Feet Tall" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Harry and the Potters "SPEW" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Harry and the Potters "The Weasle" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Cub "My Chinchilla" Betti-Cola
Dream Bitches "Atlantic City" Sanfransisters
Dinosaur jr. "The Lung" (live on Craig Ferguson)
Florida "Girl on the Escalator" Monika Force
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Dressy Bessy "Hello Hello" Electrified
Miss Mary "I'm Waiting" Ready 2 Pop
Go Sailor "The Boy Who Sailed Around the World" Go Sailor

set 2 (10:06-11:00)

Maria Taylor "Hitched" 11:11
Yo La Tengo "Nowhere Near" Painful
Suicidal "Pepsi" Suicidal Tendencies
The Pancakes "Martin" Flying In the Blue Sky on a Frying Pan
The Pancakes "Nonsense Poetry" Flying In the Blue Sky on a Frying Pan
Frank Black and the Catholics "Pray for the Girls" Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired By the Powerpuff Girls
Apples In Stereo "Signal in the Sky" (demo) Let's Go!
Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers" The Woods
Sleater-Kinney "Modern Girl" The Woods
The Softies "It's Love" (live) A House Full of Friends
Tullycraft "Our Days in Kansas" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
New Grenada "Smother" One Scene to Another
The Softies "It's Love" (WITHOUT SKIPPING!) A House Full of Friends
Heavenly "nous ne sommes pas de anges" pop romantique
Maria Taylor "Speak Easy" 11:11

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