Wednesday, June 15, 2005

america's amsterdam

Argh! I overslept on Tuesday, so I didn't do the fill-in show. Hence, I wasn't able to upload the new Scruggscorp episode like I said I would.

But it's here now!

This edition of Scruggscorp is in the form of Sy Thomas's "Tropical Rainforest of Radio" (or "Rainforest Radio" for short). Sy Thomas temporarily replaced Jerry Waldaman after Jerry supposedly had a bad showing during Radiothon. (There are allegations that Jerry didn't really have a bad Radiothon and that Scruggscorp's accountants modified the donation total so that Tiny Scruggs could have an excuse to kick him off the air.) Anyway, on this episode of Rainforest Radio, Sy Thomas interviews an urban developer who wants to make Cleveland into the Amsterdam of America. If you like vice and sin, you'll love this show!

I don't like vice, but I'm cool with sin.

I also just got an episode of Jerry Waldaman from last month that I can upload, but I'm not going to upload it right now. I don't know when I'll upload it in fact.

So, here are the links to the newly uploaded edition of Scruggscorp Radio:

America's Amsterdam Part 1
America's Amsterdam Part 2

Oh, sorry to those who clicked on the link to the Icicles' cover of "Talk Dirty to Me". I accidentally spelled "me" in l33t speak (m3). Whoops! Here's the corrected link.

Harry and the Potters were great on Monday. They only played one new song and used the CD player again instead of having a drummer (I hope they can bring a drummer to Cleveland sometime), but it was just great to see them live again. The things they say on stage make it worth it. Like when the younger Harry ripped the knee of his jeans while thrashing around and said "Jeans reparo!" afterwards.

The new song was about the troll in book 1. It was an audience participation number where they had one side of the audience yell the words "big" and "large" and the other half yelled "ugly" and "gruesome". Those weren't the only lyrics, though. It was a great song and I hope to hear a recorded version sometime.

There are some new shows on the concert calendar (that's on the sidebar to the right, scroll down until you see it). Why the fuck is Le Tigre playing at Peabody's?! Can they really fit a Le Tigre show in that godforsaken place? They seriously need a change of venue. Were the Beachland and/or Agora already booked for that night? I guess I'll have to go there early.

I think I've run out of things to say. If you haven't already, you should look at the comments section of the post before this one. It's classic!

kind of a late commentary on the Scruggscorp show, this was my first listen to their show. not only do i think gambling & prostitution are great ideas, but marijuana, hash & live sex shows as well. i say full throttle & LITERALLY recreate Cleveland as the new Amsterdam. we have no economy & obviously industry is not coming back. we had one of the most thriving adult entertainment (AKA strip clubs) industries in the country but the problem is the current legislation wants to roll back lapdancing, so soon we won't have ANY sin & our city will remain another shelled out husk in the midwest.
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