Tuesday, June 28, 2005

really good news!

I'm going to be interviewing Tammy Ealom from Dressy Bessy live on the air!

I don't know the exact date yet. It might be on July 4th, but I'm trying to avoid that because I know a lot of you will want to sleep in that day. So, hopefully, it'll be on the 11th.

But in any case, this is definitely going to be happening. Of course, I'll tell you more details when I know for sure. Most likely, the interview will take place sometime during the 10:00 hour so Tammy doesn't have to get up too early (DB is on tour right now, so they do need their sleep in a bad way), so it might be around 10:30.

Any Dressy Bessy fans out there have any questions that you think I should ask Tammy? I don't know if I'm going to be able to let listeners ask her questions over the air, so just click on the comments link below and tell me now if there's something you want to know!

In other news, I obviously still haven't fixed the stupid blank space problem. I just have no clue why the blog just decided to stop wordwrapping to the left of the sidebar. I didn't do anything that I wouldn't normally do. I might have to redesign this thing or see if I can ask the Blogger people for help. Thanks to anyone who had the patience to scroll down and find this text!

Anyway, as soon as I find out the exact date and time of the interview with Tammy, I'll post it here.

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