Thursday, June 09, 2005

waiting for the liberal anti-censorship backlash

Okay, you may have noticed that I said something about the show starting an hour early next week. Scratch that. I think I'll still be doing the fill-in on Tuesday morning, though. I'm sorry that I haven't been providing an archive of that, but I've only got so much storage space, so much bandwidth, and I have a feeling that if I record it, it'll totally suck. And I haven't been entering playlists for it here because I don't know if anyone wants to see them, and I just feel like letting that show be more relaxed because I've been quite tired when I go in to do that show. I'm just not a morning person, and it's more draining than I thought it would be to have to get up early like that twice in a row. Yes, that is early for me.

Besides that, I have some bad news that I've been putting off telling you. Due to recent indecency policy changes at the station, I will no longer play certain songs that I've played in the past. Let's just say that the political climate here is quite unfavorable right now, so everyone at the station has to clean up their act a little bit. To my knowledge, no one has ever complained about my show (even though I have indeed fucked up a few times), but the current situation necessitates caution. Anyway, the point is that I will no longer be able to play songs like "I Heard You Got Action" and "Matthew Modine" by Pony Up! Not even in their censored forms. As you know, anyone who likes girls gets quite aroused whenever they hear those songs, including conservative activists. Conservative activists think they have to save us from arousing things on the radio (and other media) because they lead to the perversion of society and could quite possibly lead to the country's damnation. Sex in any context outside heterosexual marriage (for the purpose of reproduction, of course) is immoral, and these people might just trample me and WCSB in their quest to uphold the nation's morality. So, I must be careful.

I'm still trying to figure out if I can play "Come On Petunia" by the Blow, though. However, I believe I can still get away with "Later Operator", though. Anyone want to hear "Later Operator" next week?

I do have good news, though. I discovered a compilation of Canadian bands which features a demo version of "I Heard You Got Action". Since I can't play it on the air, I've decided to once again act like an MP3 blog and post it for you to download. It's a great song, and even in its demo version, it sounds genius. So, I highly recommend that you just download it right now (unless you're at work). Click here to download.

I hope y'all weren't too annoyed at me for playing "Heart-Shaped Box" this week. I've been listening to In Utero this week and I just realized how amazing it is that an album like that got released on a major label. Just look at "Heart-Shaped Box"... "Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet. Cut myself on Angel's Hair and Baby's Breath. Broken hymen of your highness I'm left black. Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back."

What the fuck?! That got radio and MTV airplay?!

Nirvana rules!

I also noticed that during the guitar solo on "Heart-Shaped Box", the bass plays the same notes as the guitar (albeit at a lower octave). That just sounds so awesome!

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