Monday, July 18, 2005

glubba glubba in the puddle

Okay, here's the show, with the beginning of the Tammy Ealom interview edited so it sounds like I put her on the air right away.

Eh, the problem was just that instead of pressing the speakerphone button (which puts people on the air), I pressed the button for the regular phone, so Tammy thought I hung up on her.

The most startling revelation in the interview concerned the "Bubbles" song that Dressy Bessy did for the Powerpuff Girls CD. I'm not going to give it away here. Just listen!

So, click on these links to hear the show!

Part 1
Part 2

I'm scared that the interview sucked. I hope it didn't suck. :(

I'm disappointed that I didn't get more calls on the air, or at least some more comments to relay to Tammy. Either the interview sucked and you tuned out, or y'all were just too shy. You don't have to be shy, though, Tammy is quite nice and approachable in person, and she would have been nice to you on the air.

So maybe the interview did suck. I bet some people tuned out after I fucked up the beginning of the interview. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I do have some news that isn't Dressy Bessy-related...

Indiepages has made a new Kiddo song available for download on their sounds page. It's the song "Other Guys", which will be on Kiddo's new album when it gets released.

And um... I think that's all that I have to say for now.

Dude, your interview did not suck. It was decidedly less than professional and Terry Gross will not be calling you. However, it was much more tolerable than the fusion show interviews. I am usually interested in the people Randy is talking to, but I frequently turn him off. You can thank Tammy. She was very nice, communicative, and easy to talk to. You are a dork and that is fine, she was fine with it and I think most people can deal with it. Its just who you are. Thanks for talking with her on the air. I would have called in and spoken with her, but I am an even bigger dork than you are and didn’t feel a need to show it off.
It's not a question of showing off dorkiness. Did you think I was putting on some sort of act or something? I thought I was acting the way I do on every show, except I was actually talking with someone else over the air instead of talking at y'all.

I wish you had called. The couple people who called or left comments here for Tammy had great questions that I wouldn't have thought about asking. The question about recording at their shows was an excellent question. I don't have any kind of camera, so I don't think I'd have considered asking that. The kid-friendly question was good because I don't have kids and am not interesting in having them. So, I wouldn't have thought about that. I bet you had something good to say!

Look, Sergio was an act. This is not. If you don't like the way I am on the air, you'd hate to meet me in real life.
I had a slight panic attack when I tuned in and heard Tammy on the air, I wanted to call, but I work in a factory in which the noise level reaches 90+ decibels. My heart started racing when no one was calling in! Tammy is such a good sport., I love her! Thanks for having her on :-)
Maybe you hear dork and sense the generally held pejorative connotation of the word. I am not so judgmental. As it turns out, I did meet you in person and you are a bigger dork than I thought. That is not a good or bad thing; it is simply the way it is. I mean really, who says, “I think my ovaries are keeping me form becoming famous.” I like your show, I listen fairly regularly, and I am fine with how you are. I do understand the professional pride you take in the show and being pissed you dropped the call at the beginning of the interview, but it’s COLLEGE radio. You don’t have somebody in the back room to take care of you. You are performing without a net. Nice to have meet you and I hope you won’t avoid me the next time you see me.
TOC: Oh, no! I didn't think you were using it in the pejorative sense. The pejorative was that you said I was doing it to show off. No, it's just difficult to not be dorky when talking to your favorite popstars.

And to everyone else, I'll explain the ovaries thing later. I have to play through a certain video game again before I can write an explanation that will do it justice, and I don't really have time to do that right now.

I had to delete your last post. There wasn't anything offensive in it, it's just that you're giving away too much. I want to save the big revelation for later. It's news that I don't want to break without having a chance to give a detailed explanation along with it.

And Tammy's used to calling me Sergio because that's how Elizabeth introduced me to her when she forced me to talk to Tammy at the first Dressy Bessy show I went to. For whatever reason, I didn't correct Elizabeth when she said that, so that's why it stuck.
what happened to your "music to kill yourself by" post?
I had second thoughts.
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