Monday, July 25, 2005

i've got to roll you up into my life

If you don't know anything about Katamari Damacy or Rose Melberg, much of this show will not make sense to you.

If you know much about both Katamari Damacy and Rose Melberg, I wish to pledge my everlasting love to you and shack up with you right now.

I have no idea who that Canadian listener was. If that listener had come right out and said he/she/it was Rose Melberg or someone from Duplex, I don't know what I would have done. Maybe squealed with giddiness for the rest of the show.

I still have to play that extra track from the vinyl version of the new Dressy Bessy album. It's really good. If you were at the show, it's the song they played while Rob was replacing that broken bass string.

Part 1
Part 2

Oh, and if you do like Katamari Damacy and would love to have the soundtrack, click here.

I'll post something else later when I have time...

(Did anyone like that song that I posted on Friday? The guy who is curating the compilation that I was submitting it for didn't like it, so now I think it sucks.)

The song is good. I think you might have spent more time rehearsing it. I know you were going for a raw, minimalist kind of sound. However, the intonation of your singing wandered and the guitar work was a bit monotonous. Please, don’t take this as me saying you shouldn’t have done it or you shouldn’t continue to play and sing. Personally, I find that the more I play something the more nuances come out of the music and the easier it is to emote during a performance. I am encouraging you to sing and play more often, and in front of people whenever possible. My friend Andrew, who has all kinds of experience performing, has been hitting every open mike he can make it to for the last year as he has been “finding his voice.” It was a long but fruitful effort. Scary thought: practice works.
I listen to the show more than you think. You really should give Cheap Trick another chance. Just close your eyes, listen to some of their 70's stuff and imagine them wearing white belts and ironic t-shirts while flailing mop-top haircuts. Also, imagine a cute indie girl playing the drums instead of that lumpy Bun E. Carlos - you'll love them!

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