Monday, July 18, 2005

murphy's law in full effect!

Well, not full effect. I did manage to get Tammy on the air. ^_^

I'm not going to post the show right now. I'm sorry, but I have to edit out the part where I introduced Tammy and somehow hung up on her before she got on the air. Yeah, it's revisionist history, but I just can't let that stand as it is. Still, it's not totally revisionist because I'll keep in all the references to it.

And yeah, I'll keep in every single question, even the most asinine ones.

Otherwise, I hope the interview didn't suck too much. I'm disappointed that I didn't get more calls on the air. :(

I'll post the show sometime this afternoon.

Oh, and before I forget...

Click here to see all the animated Dressy Bessy music videos!

way to go(on the interview)!!!! you will be the next Alan will..-jon
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