Saturday, July 16, 2005

suddenly, tammy!

It's completely, utterly confirmed! Barring some sort of catastrophe, I will be interviewing Tammy Ealom of Dressy Bessy on the show this Monday (the 18th)! I even have her cell phone number that I'm supposed to call when we do the interview! YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

The interview will start sometime around 10:15-10:30. I've decided to see if Tammy will take calls over the air after I'm finished with the questions I want to ask her. (If for some reason, she objects to that, you can just post them under Monday's playlist during the show and I'll relay them to her.)

Also, I believe that I'll have TWO pairs of Dressy Bessy tickets to give away on Monday. Assuming that no one gave one of the pairs away, I'll give one of them away at the very beginning of the show. I mean, right after the theme is finished playing, I'll come on the air and give them away. And then I'll give the other away after the first set of songs is finished.

Anyway, make sure you tell your friends about this, and don't forget to tune in on Monday!

was that a crack about me calling four times for the sloan tickets? it doesn't matter, because i won too recently to qualify, anyway, so i won't be harassing you monday. but it felt kind of personal. hey - isn't that a sign of paranoia or whatever that thing is when listeners stalk DJs because they think the DJ is talking only to them? excuse me while i go make an appointment with my therapist.
Um... You're seeing things. I didn't say anything that's even close to being a crack about you.

Did you look at "Assuming that no one gave one of the pairs away, I'll give one of them away at the very beginning of the show," and think that was about you? No, that's just referring to how another DJ on the station might give away one of the two pairs of Dressy Bessy tickets (we get two pairs of tickets to give away to every Beachland and Grog Shop show) before Monday. I think that's unlikely to happen because I don't think there are any DJs who like Dressy Bessy that are on during the weekend, but sometimes you never know.
Oh, and if I do make a crack at someone or talk directly to someone on my blog or on the air, I will make it very blatant (perhaps by mentioning you by name) so there will be very little doubt that I'm referencing you.
god, i hope you didn't think i was offended. i was just cracking up at your detailed description of the schedule of ticket-giving.

and by the way, subtle humiliation is much more fun than blatant blasting.

also, why am i your primary poster? i should only be the fringe of your audience - you know, the 35-year-old, married, parent-of-a-dead-child, workin-for-the-man, urban-gentrifying fringe. where is your target audience? aren't they supposed to be a gazillion times more tech-connected than me? why aren't they here??? plus, you play such twee stuff - where are all the girls you should be attracting?
Now that is subtle humiliation if I ever heard it.
Geez - It's funny - So many of the posters/listeners seem to be outside the demo I'd expect. Many posts reference jobs, spouses and kids... Isn't twee notorious for attracting... uhm... non-breeders!

-Kris (married, three kids, middle management, home in the burbs... how'd I become the "man"?)

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