Friday, July 01, 2005

sunday night fill-in!

This Sunday night (that would be the night of July 3rd), I will be filling in for "Synaethesia" from 10 to midnight. That would be immediately before Scruggscorp. (Still waiting for you people to leave a comment about that latest Scruggscorp episode I've posted. Even if you hate it, please say tell me what you think!)

Synaethesia is a combination freeform music and talk show. Its host, who calls himself Dr. Sinister, can't make the show this week because the world is about to end. At least, that's what he believes as a devout member of the Church of the Subgenius. He's going to New York to wait for the sex goddesses to pick him up in a UFO just before the world gets destroyed, just as Bob promised everyone who gave him their $30 ("Salvation guaranteed, or triple your money back!"). I don't have $30 to give to Bob, so I'm fucked. I figure it would be fun to do one last safe harbor show before I die.

Seriously, though, I'm very excited to do this show because I enjoy listening to Synaethesia (even if I don't like all the music played), and I get one hour of safe harbor in which I can play songs with expletives. (The FCC allows for safe harbor from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., but for whatever reason, WCSB is more conservative about this and begins safe harbor at 11 p.m.) There's a great Dream Bitches song with expletives in it that I haven't played yet, plus the best song on the new Maximilian Hecker album says "fucking" in it (as an adverb), so I'm quite eager. Oh, and I could play that rare Kiddo song that says "asshole". I may also attempt a talk portion, and like Dr. Sinister, I'll just let it last until the conversation starts going nowhere.

So, listen to me attempt to keep callers under control and play some songs with expletives from 10 to midnight this Sunday night, and then stay up a couple more hours to listen to Scruggscorp!

I haven't heard anything else about the Tammy interview. Since they haven't gotten back to me, I would guess that I won't be interviewing her this Monday. Still don't know about the 11th, though.

Edit: Looks like someone commented on the Scruggscorp episode before I wrote this post, but they did it a few posts back, so I didn't notice. And it looks like a positive comment. Thanks for commenting! If anyone else has a comment about it (positive and/or negative), please post it under the most recent post so I can easily find it.

And if you happen to see this post before midnight on Sunday, please note that if you're not in the listening area, you can go to to listen live on the Internet.

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