Tuesday, July 05, 2005

what you missed on my tuesday morning fill-in show this week

9:00 hour

Yo La Tengo "Autumn Sweater (Remixed by Kevin Shields)"
The Microphones "Tonight There'll Be Clouds"
Colin Clary & the Magogs & Friends "Good Vibrations"
William Shatner "Mr. Tambourine Man"
Belle and Sebastian "The State I Am In"
Mountain Goats "Dance Music"
Oval-Teen "Flying Silver Rocket Ships"
Palomar "Stay Out Late"
The Charade "Stories Remain Untold"
Colin Clary "Tiny Teeth"
Pants Yell! "Tram #7"
Jens Lekman "A Sweet Summernight on Hammer Hill"
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" (live)
Maximilian Hecker "Full of Voices"
Bidston Moss "All I Have to Do Is Dream"
Maria Taylor "Light House"

10:00 hour

Of Montreal "You Are an Airplane (World Trade Remix)"
Fur Cups For Teeth "$100 Haircut"
The Lovemakers "Internet Girlfriend"
Marbles "Circuit"
Burka Band "Burka Blue"
Cibo Matto "Le Pain PerdĂș"
Le Tigre "The The Empty" (BBC session)
The Color Bars "She Disarmed Me"
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Wisdom"
The Brunettes "Record Store"
Boyracer "I Love Accents"
Bunnygrunt "Again With the Skirt"
The Sour Grapes "Skulls"
The Sour Grapes "Business Casual"
The Sour Grapes "Pacific NW, Last Chance to Dance"
William Shatner (with Henry Rollins) "I Can't Get Behind That"

thanks for posting this setlist...i really enjoyed that Everly Brothers cover & i couldn't write down the artist while i was driving=good show.
I enjoyed the Indie day show. Just got a chance to listen via download. I'm a little behind with technology somtimes.

just an fyi - you can set it up so you automatically are e-mailed any comments so you won't miss it when someone comments on an old post. if you don't find it on the dashboard, let me know and i'll look up how to do it for you.

The "Dream" cover is from a Patty Duke Fanzine 7". You can go here for details. I've never heard anything else by Bidston Moss, though. I think they're from Australia, so the distance thing has made it more difficult to get their records here.
Thank you so much for A. Caring enough to comment and B. Giving me some awesome band to check out. I appreciate it a lot.
I love that you have so much to tell me. I think that most definitely is awesome. woooo i love learning new things and I don't know much of anything you tell me and that is a plus. foc sure.
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