Monday, August 15, 2005

cute and friendly

If you heard the show live, you may have noticed that I talked more often than usual. That's because I was talking with the philosopher, Derrida (does the Wednesday afternoon psychedelic show from 1-3), and I mentioned that people don't seem to learn the names of the bands that I play and go to their shows. He asked me how often I talk on the air. When I told him that I talked only every 40 minutes, he was shocked and disgusted. He said that he hates when DJs wait that long to announce songs because it's hard to keep track of what's being played when sets are that long. He likes to announce songs every 20 minutes or every 3-5 songs. So, I decided to try that. And it seems like it might be working. So, I'm going to keep doing that.

Please come to see the Smittens tomorrow night at the Beachland. It's only $5! They're going to set up on the Ballroom floor. It'll be fun! They're cute and friendly, too! Don't you like cute and friendly people?!

Come on, we need to start having a real twee scene here, so we have to go and see all twee bands great and small when they come to town.

And I also recommend seeing Racetrack at Pat's in the Flats on Saturday. They're not twee, but they're indiepop and they're awesome.

So, here's today's show:

Part 1
Part 2

We'll see if I feel like posting again this week. I've been feeling less than energetic lately. Maybe that'll change.

I probably used to do the 40-60 minute set thing too. Now, that I'm more of a listener I have to agree with your friend, thats way too long. I almost never find out what I'm listening to when I'm in the car unless I call in. (And my commute is rather long) Hooray for short sets!
You were a DJ?!

Neato! A celebrity is listening to my show!
great news! I am glad you are now going to keep your sets short and sweet! as a listener, there is nothing more ANNOYING than super long sets. I cant tell you how many songs/bands I have missed out on because it is hard to backtrack at times!
I used to do a show called "Peanut Butter Knife" which later mutated into "Breakfast in Fur" and "When You Wake Up Dead". I may or may not have been employed at Scruggscorp, however that information is classified.
I've been telling you that I enjoy the talk as much as the music for two years now.

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