Monday, August 08, 2005

playlist for august 8, 2005

set 1 (9:06-9:41)

Orenda Fink "Leave It All" Invisible Ones
The Real Tuesday Weld "Asteroids" The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid
Maximilian Hecker "Full of Voices" Lady Sleep
Sloan "Underwhelmed" Peppermint EP
New Grenada "Just Inside a Week" Parting Shots
Boyracer "I Love Accents" Insults & Insights
Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You" Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
buttersprites "Fever" buttersprites
Sonic Youth "Bone" Experimental Jet Set, Trah and No Star
Dressy Bessy "[Bonus Track]" Electrified (vinyl version)
Cub "She's a Sensation" [(some obscure vinyl compilation that I can't recall the name of right now)]

set 2 (9:51-10:21)

DJ Madson "The God Who Wasn't There" The God Who Wasn't There
Orenda Fink "Invisible Ones Guard the Gate" Invisible Ones
Spiritualized "Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space" Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
The Umbrellas "Pennies" The Hiss That We Missed
Tracy + The Plastics "dawn feather" Real Damage EP
The Blow "Pile of Gold" PDX POP NOW!
kittycraft "how long can this go on?" catskills
The Smittens "Gentlefication Now! (the La La La Song)" Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens "Doomed, Lo-fi and In Love" Gentlefication Now!
Colin Clary "of the stars" Sweater Weather or Not, These Are the Songs I Got

set 3 (10:33-11:16)

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players "Look At Me" Look At Me b/w Don't You Know What I Mean 7"
Land of Ill Earthquakes "Steal These Days" Land of Ill Earthquakes
Red Pony Clock "Dude, You Know You're Going to Die" Paisley and Twee
New Grenada "Why I Didn't Like August '93" Parting Shots
New Grenada "Tiger Thompson (Mark Knopfler's Last Stand Version)" More Nature
The Gossip "It's Over" PDX POP NOW!
Duplex "Camels In the Desert" Ablum
Sloan "Underwhelmed" (live on friday night with ralph benmergui) A-Sides Win
The Brunettes "You Beautiful Militant" Mars Loves Venus
Mirah "While We Have the Sun (4-Track Home)" PDX POP NOW!

Can you play 156 by Mew off of frengers?
Spiritualized - Nice call. Just when I think I've figured out your formula - you toss in a curve-ball.

Never heard of it, and we don't have it. :(
Request: Will you play another Umbrellas tune? Whatever track - Your call.

That's actually the only known Umbrellas track. When they did that Smashing Pumpkins comp, they never left their contact information despite the label's best efforts to get back in touch with them.
MEW (from Denmark)at:

new album due in sept.
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