Monday, September 19, 2005

...and sometimes "y", you might need it, too

I don't feel so good, so I'm not going to say much right now.

It's too bad you didn't go to see the Minibosses. They did an awesome set. It doesn't do them justice to call them a Nintendo cover band because there's more of an artistry to what they do. They don't just cover single songs from Nintendo games, they arrange a bunch of songs from a game into one whole piece, like classical symphonies with different movements. And they rock.

In case you didn't go, I actually remember the setlist:

Megaman 2
Double Dragon
Ninja Gaiden
Super Mario Bros. 2

And like I said before, people moshed during "Castlevania". I really hope they come back and headline. What would really be awesome is if they came here with the 14 Year Old Girls. If I had the same sort of power that the girl in charge of booking at the Spot has, I'd try and make that happen for next year's "Welcome Back" show.

While I'm at it, in case anyone from the Spot actually reads this, you should book Mirah. Try and get her to come with the Blow, too. I think only the Spot would be able to get Mirah to come to Cleveland. Touring bands/artists prefer college shows because they're guaranteed to get paid a good amount of money no matter how many people show up. Which is too bad, because I bet that Mirah would fill up the Beachland Ballroom or the Grog Shop. I think she has no idea how many fans she has here, though, so the only option is probably a show at the Spot. And get the Blow here, too! We love you, Khaela!

Oh, and in case you didn't see it in one of the comments links below, Harvey and Felix (composers/performers of the hit song, "America Will Punch You") now have a proper website, and it looks really good. It's at

Okay, here's today's show:

Part 1
Part 2

Oh, and did anyone download that crazy Neutral Milk Hotel remix? Any comments on that?

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