Monday, September 12, 2005

playlist for september 12, 2005

Orenda Fink "Blind Asylum" Invisible Ones
Acid House Kings "Tonight Is Forever" Sing Along With Acid House Kings
Ponies In the Surf "Too Many Birds" Asaurus EP Club #12
Tiara "The Night Air" Tiara Tour Single 2005
Pants Yell! "Go Big Blue" Songs For Siblings
DJ Madson "The God Who Wasn't There" The God Who Wasn't There Soundtrack
The Smittens "Stop the Bombs" A Little Revolution
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn/Ginger Brooks Takahashi & Friends "The Red Curtain" Songs From the Black Mountain Music Project
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn/Ginger Brooks Takahashi & Friends "The Knife Thrower" Songs From the Black Mountain Music Project
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir "She Just Wants to Move" i bet you say that to all the boys
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Since You Stole My Heart" Every Night
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Until the World Stops Spinning" Every Night
Red Pony Clock "We're Only Lying to Ourselves" Cat & Dog Dialogue/Red Pony Clock split
Calvin Johnson "Lies Goodbye" What Was Me
Denise James "Love Has Got Me Crying Again" It's Not Enough to Love
I Am the World Trade Center "September" Out of the Loop
The Blow "Let's Play Boys Chase Girls" Poor Aim: Love Songs
The Blow "Pile of Gold" PDX POP NOW!
The Minibosses "Ninja Gaiden" Minibosses/Penny Winblood split
The Minibosses "Castlevania" Minibosses/Penny Winblood split
Magnetic Fields "Heather Heather" Pieces of April Soundtrack
Mount Eerie "the Moan" No Flashlight
Mount Eerie "No Flashlight" No Flashlight
Sonic Youth "Flower (Anti-Fuckword Radio Edit)" [?]
Oval-Teen "Run Away With Me" Yorkville, IL
Oval-Teen "Take a Look" Yorkville, IL
The California Oranges "Next Season" Souvenirs
Saturday Looks Good To Me "All Over Town" Every Night
Le Tigre "TKO" Live at KCRW
Le Tigre "On the Verge" Live at KCRW
Le Tigre "Viz" Live at KCRW
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" Live From Stora Teatern
Jens Lekman "I Saw Her In the Anti-War Demonstration" Live From Stora Teatern

source of "You Can Have It All" cover you are talking over at break, please


I know you don't like Built to Spill, but they do have some poppy stuff, no? Show
coming(got tix????0
It's from the "Yo La Tengo Breakout" game on the Matador website. I don't know who made it, though. Go here:
Built to Spill rescheduled, sorry thought was WED...Sufjan Stevens tommorrow tho, not poppy I know...

Did you hear that a
A year ago(same day as Katrina) the Richmond area was hit by the remains of Tropical Storm Gaston. Got twelve inches of rain in 3 hours, and a good chunk of downtown was under about 6 feet of water.
Sad date
request if possible: Free download at
His name is Alive website:
OK, my blog is all screwed up. Good show today but I can't just sit back and enjoy the boogiepop coolness now that we have started our semester. I may have to invest in an MP3 player.
i had a bad, bad morning, and only got to listen to the show for exactly 22 minutes, but the 22 minutes kicked off with "the god who wasn't there", and the whole period was filled with EXACTLY THE MUSIC I NEEDED TO HEAR. i'm sure you couldn't have known what songs i needed to hear (or did you? maybe you should be god! no, never mind, bad idea.), but somehow in the randomness of the universe you played the right songs at exactly the right time. a freaking miracle.
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