Monday, September 26, 2005

playlist for september 26, 2005

The Gossip "Nite" Movement
Le Pepes "Renting a Space Station" All Fun Things End
Bunnygrunt "Horror Hotline: Big Head Baby" Karen Hater's Club
Sonic Youth "Titanium Expose" (8-Track Demo) Goo (2-CD reissue)
J. Carter, Chestnut, A. Jackson, and Veal "Cut Your Hair" Gold Sounds
Pavement "Cut Your Hair" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Le Tigre "New Kicks" This Island
Le Tigre "Seconds" This Island
Hang on the Box "No Sexy" For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole
Shonen Knife "Messy Room" Candy Rock
New Grenada "Nicole Vs. Rita" Parting Shots
The Gossip "Catfight" That's Not What I Heard
The Gossip "Where the Girls Are" That's Not What I Heard
Bikini Kill "Distinct Complicity" Reject All American
Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" The C.D. Version of the First Two Records
The Gossip "Sleepers" Real Damage EP
Trembling Blue Stars "The Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss" Alive to Every Smile
Trembling Blue Stars "All I'm Doing Is Losing" The Seven Autumn Flowers
Acid House Kings "Do What You Wanna Do" Sing Along With Acid House Kings
The Smittens "My Favorite Dream" A Little Revolution
Saturday Looks Good To Me "Disaster" I Don't Want to Go/Disaster 7"
Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch" Witching Hour
The Snow Fairies "Railroad Tracks" get married
The Snow Fairies "Water and Beer" get married
Atom & His Package "She's In the Bathroom and She's Shaking Me 'Till Tomorrow" Atom & His Package
Sonic Youth "DV2 (Kool Thing)" Goo (reissue)

the Shonen Knife song SMOKED! WOW!
Someone called to ask about that song. Was that you?

I forgot to tell whoever it was that Candy Rock (the CD that song came from) is import only. I don't know how available it is for downloading illegally, but it costs a significant money to purchase legally.

I bought my copy when they played here earlier this year. It was still kind of expensive, but I didn't have the extra cost of shipping or whatever, so it was okay.

And that riff sounds almost exactly like "Don't Need You" by Bikini Kill!
yes, that was me who called. It would be great to hear another track from this cd this Friday or next Monday. hint, hint.. :-)
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