Monday, September 05, 2005

would you believe me when i tell you, you're the queen of my heart?

Ugh! I hate doing shows on Monday holidays. There's a much lower listenership. Although, the lines did fill up when I gave away Of Montreal tickets. I wish people would call for things other than tickets, though. Actually, someone asked about the video game remixes that I play when I talk on the air. I always love it when people notice those.

In case you didn't understand that Microindie stuff I was talking about today, here's an excerpt from the e-mail from which I got my information:

I am donating the total amount of sales for the next week via Microindie mailorder to some friends of the Icicles who lost everything in the hurricane. If you want to help, just order anything off my site and the money will all go dollar for dollar to them (the whole amount, not just the profit). You pay me $10 for a new cd, they get it, simple as that. So please help and get some great music in the process. If you want to know more, the email from Mark and Joleen is below (icicles keyboard player and husband). Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm not going to post all the information, but these friends are a young married couple who just had a baby this past week, and they lost almost everything they had thanks to Hurricane Katrina. I'd post all the details, but the e-mail has personal contact info for the keyboard player of the Icicles, and I don't want to just post that up here. I'll e-mail the whole thing if you want details. Just post your e-mail address in the comments below.

OH! That reminds me. If you post a comment and you don't have a blogger log-in, I don't mind if you click the "anonymous" posting option, but if you do, could you at least come up with a nickname for yourself (or post your real name if you want to)? It's annoying when more than one person posts anonymously under one comments link and I can't tell if it's just one person posting or more than one. When you click "anonymous", it really means you're anonymous! I have no idea who you are.

Yesterday, someone posted that they were playing a certain Weezer song on their radio show. WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT IS YOUR SHOW AND WHEN IS IT ON?! You were anonymous, so I have no clue who you are.

Or maybe you don't want to admit to too many people that you're playing "Only In Dreams". ^_^

Whatever the case may be, I wish you had put a name or something under your comment.

For those who didn't listen to the show live this week, here's what you missed:

Part 1
Part 2

I also have a new episode of Scruggscorp for you. This is an edition of the Jerry Waldaman show in which Ol' Jer Talks to Senator Bill Frist, who turns out to know a lot about movies:

Ol' Jer Talks to Bill Frist Part 1
Ol' Jer Talks to Bill Frist Part 2

Okay, that's it for now.

Edit: I just got an update from the Microindie mailing list. There's a story in the Grand Rapids Press about the people to whom Microindie is donating money to from their CD sales this week. I'm posting it below:
The Grand Rapids Press

Most of their possessions are ruined. Their house near downtown New Orleans could be a waterlogged disaster.

But looking at her newborn son, Grand Valley State University graduate Rebecca Davis knows she and her husband, Brian, have something more precious than any possession.

"It's just a house and stuff," said Rebecca Davis, 32, speaking from her room at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston.

Davis gave birth Friday by Cesarean section to Marcus Brian Davis, a 10-pound, 2-ounce reason to have hope for the future.

One week ago, the Davises watched the approach of Hurricane Katrina and made their decision: They would leave the city and have their baby in Houston.

Last Saturday night, they loaded their car with a couple changes of clothes, their dog and cat, a car seat and a few baby items.

"We grabbed our wedding pictures as we were walking out the door," Rebecca Davis said.

Left behind: A house full of presents from their wedding last year, gifts from five baby showers, a variety of jewelry, a bedroom set handed down from her great-grandmother -- and all their other possessions, including a Toyota Camry that Brian drives.

"I assume that is under water," said Brian Davis, 27.

They also walked out of a house about a mile from the French Quarter, a one-story, turn-of-the-century home with a baby room freshly painted blue and green.

But looking at the grim pictures coming out of New Orleans the past few days, Rebecca Davis realizes they are fortunate to be where they are. She believes their home and possessions will be covered by insurance.

"It's horrible," she said of the flooding and subsequent looting.

She has heard the talk by some that maybe New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt, given its proximity to the ocean and the fact it sits several feet below sea level.

She finds such talk "ridiculous."

It is a place she fell in love with after a succession of visits, finally deciding to move there from West Michigan in 2002. She graduated from GVSU with a degree in metalsmithing and thought New Orleans offered the kind of arts-drenched environment where she could flourish designing and making jewelry.

"It is such a magical place," she said. "It has so much history. The architecture is fantastic. Everyone there is a character. The food is fantastic. It has a lot of different cultures all blended together."

If all goes well with Rebecca's recovery, the Davises plan to leave for Michigan in the next few days. Once here, they will stay at Rebecca's grandparents' home near Portland.

With not a lot of money in the bank, Brian Davis plans to look for work to help them stay afloat for the next several months.

But their friends do not expect them to give up on their beloved New Orleans, no matter how grim things look now.

"Becky is a person who has always been able to maintain a positive attitude," said Grand Rapids resident Mark Rumsey, 32. "They are very much in a mode that 'we can survive this.' "

Says Rebecca: "I have complete confidence that it will be back. The people are very resilient. They are very proud of their city. They love their city.

"I would like my son to know this city."

I went to the Astrodome in houston to help. You won't believe how many souls are there! As far as I could see were people w/ nothing but cots and the cloth on their backs... It was like the end of the world. They have no idea what they are going to do next, or where to go. Many do not plan on ever going back.
All we can do here(in TX) is go to the shelters and help.. but it dosen't seem like enough. The stories I've heard have been horrible to say the least.-jon
I have it on good authority that next week's Scruggscorp will be a good one.

--Gary Vito
Check out our controversial song. It's like Eminem and Fiona Apple wrote about Hurricane Katrina with a razor blade on the apathetic arms of America. Is She too numb to notice? You can't pick up the cd at your local Mega-Mart. This song is to mainstream radio what blogs are to mainstream media. Few will hear it and even fewer will understand it. Will you?
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