Monday, October 31, 2005

i just wanna reach the radiothon

Radiothon is next week, starting on Sunday the 6th. Please donate if you love this show and you love this station. Radiothon provides the money for most of our operating expenses and equipment, so it's essential that we do it every year and that you donate every year (or at least every year that you're not dirt poor and out of work). I hope you'll donate during my show because there is an element of a popularity contest with how much money each show raises, but if you don't want to donate during my show, it's okay as long as you actually donate to the station. You'll be able to pay by check, credit card, or coming to the WCSB Open House later this month (where I believe you'll be able to pay in cash). More details about Radiothon can be found here.

Okay, I guess enough people are listening to the archive to warrant me keeping it. (Hopefully, there are some lurkers out there who didn't post a comment, because only 7 people downloading it is kind of pathetic, though.) Thanks to those who posted comments! By the way, I pay for the hosting myself (it's actually not very expensive because I'm on the cheap plan, which I won't have to upgrade from unless this show becomes really popular), so donating to Radiothon has no effect on it. We have discussed doing what WRUW does, which is having an archive for every single show and hosting it on our webspace, but not everyone is in favor of it.

There was no listener from Finland today (or anywhere outside the U.S.--there wasn't even someone from Canada who I could accuse of being Rose Melberg). And no one from NPR called. Actually, I only got one call, and it was about the Castlevania remixes I was playing in the background. YAY! Someone noticed how awesome they were! If you want to start your own collection of Castlevania remixes, go to OverClocked Remix and and search for them there.

Okay, I must be off now. Here's the Halloween show:

Part 1
Part 2

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