Monday, October 10, 2005

playlist for october 10, 2005 (sweetest day edition)

The Blow "Hey Boy" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Dream Bitches "Love Letter Lullaby" Sanfransisters
Sloan "The Other Man" Pretty Together
Go Sailor "Don't Go" Go Sailor
The Moldy Peaches "Nothing Came Out" The Moldy Peaches
Cheese On Bread "Where the Fuck Are They?" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby
Pants Yell! "Public Gardens" Songs For Siblings
Ulysses "Glacier" 010
The Frogs "She Was a Mortal" The Frogs
Rose Melberg "Golden Gate Bridge" Portola
Of Montreal "Eros' Entropic Tundra" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Fear of Pop "In Love" Fear of Pop Volume 1
Mirah "We're Both So Sorry" C'mon Miracle
Cub "They Don't" Betti-Cola
Pulp "Disco 2000" Different Class
Ed in the Refridgerators "You're All I Could Think of During the Love Scenes in Attack of the Clones" Get Excommunicated!
Kiddo "Still Not My Girl" Kiddo
Hayden "Bad As They Seem" Everything I Long For (Canadian version)
Acid House Kings "That's Because You Drive Me" Sing Along With Acid House Kings
The Snow Fairies "Railroad Tracks" get married
Harry and the Potters "The Human Hosepipe" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!
Churchbuilder "p.s. i miss you" Patty Darling
Sebadoh "Willing to Wait" Harmacy
The Mathletes "I Hate Math" Jest & Earnest
Cars Can Be Blue "Dating Batman" All The Things We Do
Tullycraft "Polaroids From Mars" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
Jens Lekman "They Should Have Given You the Oscar" Live From Stora Teatorn
The Sour Grapes "business casual" No More Drama
Magnetic Fields "I Don't Want to Get Over You"
Babes In Toyland "All By Myself" Nemesisters
Swans "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Forever Burned
Swans "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Various Failures
The Frogs "The Longing Goes Away" Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise
Rose Melberg "The Love We Could Have Had" Portola

The show again was really good today. I think "tweepop" has a strong element of quiet ironic sorrow in it.
By the way, the background music was excellent.
I think Bruce LaMont's "Rosy Cheeks" and polka show is supposed to be on next.
Thanks for playing the Churchbuilder song. Maybe you were going to play it...even if I didn't mention it Friday night.

I agree with Bend, background music was cool, I would love to hear the jazz Pavement as background music also. ( so funny!) Swans version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" always gives me goosebumps, it is so good!!!!!! :-)
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