Monday, October 24, 2005

playlist for october 24, 2005

The Gossip "Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix)" Standing in the Way of Control 12"
Ladytron "Soft Power" Witching Hour
YMCK "Darling" Records of the Damned
The Blow "Pile of Gold" PDX POP NOW!
The Raveonettes "My Boyfriend's Back" Stubbs the Zombie The Soundtrack
Jens Lekman "How much you mean to me" October 2005 Tour EP
Mount Eerie "I Hold Nothing" No Flashlight
Nedelle "friends & ancestors" Nedelle and Fred Thomas April/May 2005 Tour Single
Orenda Fink "Invisible Ones Guard the Gate" Invisible Ones
Robert Schneider "Skyway" (some show in Lexington, KY)
Sleater-Kinney "Modern Girl" The Woods
The Vaselines "Slushy" The Way of the Vaselines-A Complete History
The Twilight "Apple Pie Suburbia" Summer Sweet Summer
The Snow Fairies "Thank God For the New York Public Library" get married
The Smittens "Flowers, Kisses, You" A Little Revolution
Calvin Johnson "When You Are Mine" Before the Dream Faded
Jens Lekman "Jag tyckte hon sa lönnlöv" October 2005 Tour EP
Page France "bush" Hello Dear Wind
Speedmarket Avenue "The State of Harmony" Saturday Looks Goo To Me/Speedmarket Avenue Tour Split
The Maybellines "Autumn, September" A La Carte
R. Shand "U Wanna Be a Grip" U Wanna Be a Grip single
Wesley Willis "Dressy Bessy" (?)
Dressy Bessy "Electrified" Electrified
Thee Black Molly "I Left My Libido in San Francisco" From the Batcave
Thee Black Molly "The Scratch" From the Batcave
Cars Can Be Blue "Dating Batman" All the Stuff We Do
His Name Is Alive "Summer Bird" Summer Bird EP
Anna Oxygen "Aviva" All Your Faded Things
Dandy Warhols "All I Have to Do Is Dream" Stubbs the Zombie The Soundtrack
Ben Kweller "Lollipop" Stubbs the Zombie The Soundtrack

You sound as if you are going to get tired of exerting such effort to sound so calm! :)
If possible, do yous have
Summer Bird EP by His Name is Alive?
Summer Bird is apreciated
(free download at their site if poss.)

I love your show. Some mornings I forget about it and wake up and that dreamboat chick is spinning chicks on wruw and I'm like "cool, this is alright...". Then, I hop in the shower and the proximity of the shower radio to my head forces me to perfect the tuning and optimize the frequency for maximum long duration cold season shower comfort. Then I hear a guy say "next up is boogie pop..." and I'm all happy and then you come on at like 9 or 10ish and it's like oh great is it monday.?

And cheers to Sumoilainen!
i mean Suomilainen.
or is it suomalainen? or just "person from finland". oh, you dont care anyway. and the finn isn't here to answer. enough is enough. thanks for the great show.
Hey there. The links for 12/5/2005 are broken. Can't download the show - :-(

Oh, what a world, what a world!
Beauty! *Thanks* for the fixed links! It's a brighter day.
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