Monday, October 24, 2005

u wanna be a grip?

Holy shit! Look at this!

I did the NPR thing last week because I was really tired and didn't feel like trying too hard. Today, I did it because I seriously want to sell out to NPR. Why won't you hire me?!

Remember Cub? (Or "Remember cub?" because it's supposed to be spelled with all lowercase.) I don't know if I told you this before, but the Mint Records website has all their music videos online, and I was finally able to download them this past week. See, the videos are in Quicktime 7 format, and it's been only recently that they've released Quicktime 7 for the PC. They also have streaming RealVideo, but it's streaming, so fuck that. Anyway, if you've never seen them, you really have to see them now. My favorites are "Flaming Red Bobsled" (it's got a crazy plotline) and "New York City" (it's just cute). Go to this page and scroll down until you find the cub videos.

And before I post the show, I have a question... Is there anyone from out of state who's actually downloading these shows? Please post a comment under this link and tell me if you are. In fact, if you're from Ohio and download these shows, I'd love to know, too. It costs money for me to do this, so please excuse me here. I need to make sure it's worth it for me to keep spending money on it. Thanks!

And now, here's the show:

Part 1
Part 2

Update: The listener from Finland e-mailed me and said he didn't hear the Swedish song. However, he did say that he wasn't offended by the idea of me playing a Swedish song. Just thought y'all might like to know.

Also, I might comment on that Pitchfork article later.

I'm from new york, bruder.
no. from clevo.
Dude! I'm downloading your show every week! And I'm from Ohio (Strongsville). Don't take the downloads away!!! I'm serious. Radio in Ohio is weak. I'm from CT & we had 3 college stations plus stuff from NY and Boston. Here I get to listen to Rap (which I actually like, mostly) or Metal/Cowboy/Smooth Jazz (which I like much more rarely). At least now I can listen to your show in the car over and over and over...
I don't always, but sometimes I do
From Shaker Heights, OH - downloading weekly and digging every cut & commentary. Please don't remove my weekly fix!
I'm from lakewood and I just started downloading your shows last week. I love your show -- keep spreading good music! (Maybe you should convince WCSB to offer everyone's shows in an archive so you don't have to bear the expense. Plus, then I could download Music to Crash Cars By and other good shows)
Hello. "Bob" compels me to download the shows and listen to them later. I'm currently in Bayville, NJ,though the US Post Office claims I'm in Whiting, NJ.
Jim Britton
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