Friday, December 30, 2005

too hot playlist

Since someone finally downloaded the "Too Hot For Radio/Boogiepop Gone Wild" show (see the post immediately below), I've decided to put up the playlist...

Tullycraft “Twee” Beat, Surf, Fun
The Frogs “Lifeguard of Love” My Daughter the Broad
Cars Can Be Blue “She Needs It” All the Stuff We Do
Snoozer “when u were mine” songs
Amy Kasio “Kiss Me” Lick My Key
Pussy Galore “Cunt Tease” Corpse Love-The First Year
Rizzo “Baby, You Fucked Up” Phoning It In
Pony Up! “I Heard You Got Action” Ben Lee/Pony Up! split 7”
Heavenly “Ben Sherman” Operation Heavenly
Yeastie Girlz “Talkin’ Shit” Ovary Action
Lesley Gore “Swingers For Coke”
Colin Clary “” Sweater Weather or Not, These Are the Songs I Got
Dream Bitches “ASAP My Love” Sanfransisters
The Frogs “Lesbian Nation Coming On Strong” Made-Up Cassette B
Kiddo “No Shit Rocketship” [unreleased demo]
Pony Up! “Matthew Modine” Pony Up!
The Smittens “Nate Is Straight” A Little Revolution
Cars Can Be Blue “D in the P” All the Stuff We Do
Cars Can Be Blue “Abortion” All the Stuff We Do
Moldy Peaches “Steak For Chicken” Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre “TGIF” Feminist Sweepstakes
Lil Pocketknife “A.D.D.” Pants Control
Amy Kasio “Don’t Need You” Under the Covers
Ladytron “Oops Oh My” Softcore Jukebox

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