Tuesday, January 03, 2006

data panik

Remember the pop group, Bis? Sure you do. You must have at least heard the end theme to the Powerpuff Girls.

Anyway, all three members of Bis (plus two other guys I've never heard of before) started a new band last year called "data Panik" (yes, that's a lowercase "d" and capital "P"). And I just downloaded all their songs.

I'm very happy with what I hear. I'm very happy to say that it's a step back for the three former leaders of the Bis Nation. And that's very good because most people didn't like the form into which Bis had evolved near the end of their career, which produced the somewhat boring and strictly electronic Return to Central. I'm very glad to see that they have now reembraced the genre-hopping and upbeat style which was what their fans appreciated them for in the first place. (And they actually started playing guitars again!)

While they've decided to stop calling themselves Bis and added two new members, it clearly sounds like they've de-evolved into their Social Dancing-era form. Even though they sound like their old selves, I do agree with the name change because it probably wouldn't work if they tried to go back to the youthful teen-c schtick of their early material with which the Bis name is most associated.

So far, they've released one 7" (UK-only) with two songs. If you don't want to go through the trouble of physically importing it, you can buy it as an MP3 download from the data Panik site. Each song costs .99p (that's in British pounds), which converts to about $1.70. Yes, that might be too much for one song, but it's cheaper than importing the actual 7" (which costs $10 with the shipping and handling). And besides, the former members of Bis deserve that money for actually going in the correct direction with their musical careers. Yay for data Panik! Boo for Return to Central!

Besides that, they have two demo songs that you can download for free (go to the "media" section of the site). If you like those, you have to get the songs from the 7".

And, in other news...

If you read the post below, you'll see that a weird malfunction occurred while I was recording my latest show, causing me to lose much of the second hour. I'm very unhappy about it because it was the first part of the big end-of-year countdown and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to hear these great songs. So, here's the deal: I could recreate the missing part of the second hour and post the MP3 online here. All that I'd have to do is record the missing songs and add the robot voice announcing the position of each song on the countdown.

But I'm not going to do it unless I know that people want me to and will actually download it. So, if you want me to do it, post comments below requesting that I do it. If I get enough requests, I'll do it. So, don't hesitate. Just click on the comments link and post if you want to hear it. Okay? Okay.

yes! robot voice! DO IT!
Please do!
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