Monday, January 23, 2006

Edit: I forgot to mention in this post that the show is starting at 8:30 next week, instead of the usual 9 a.m. starting time. Bart has to leave a half an hour early. Any suggestions on what I should do with the additional half hour?

fitzgerald has got the straightedge

I feel stupid for not figuring out that "Bloody Stumps" is an anti-smoking song and not just a song about amputation. Elizabeth is a genius just for figuring that out.

I hate to do this, but I have to ask one more time if people are downloading the shows on here and if y'all think I should keep putting my shows on the site. The reason for this is that it's been almost a year since I started doing this, so it's almost time to re-register the domain name? So, I'm going to ask again for all the people who download the show to post a comment below and represent.

I forgot to play the Advantage's Ducktails [sic] track. Whoops! I'll try again next week.

Here's another stab at MySpace whoring... Add me as your friend on MySpace and instantly qudruple your indie cred! My MySpace URL is

Finally, I'll tell you more about the transmitter difficulties when we figure out what's wrong and how to get it fixed.

Here's the show:

1/23/06 Part 1
1/23/06 Part 2

Dude - please keep posting these. Trying a second time to leave comments. Knock knock knock - is this blog on?
I don't download *every* show, but I have downloaded more than one. I definitely recommend continuing to post them.

i download the shows whenever i happen to sleep in or be busy on mondays, i appreciate you uploading your show so i can get my beauty zzz's
For your additional half hour next week, you should play all the Iron Oxide stuff that doesn't qualify as Boogiepop.

Or not.

Good luck..
definitely keep posting the shows! i don't always get to hear your whole show since i start work @ 10:15am...thanx.
btw, here's a site with some trax you would probably enjoy -----> the GLASS CANDY track.
The show so far is great (again, I'm listening by MP3, and I will have to continue doing so into May). I always audio stream from here in Bulgaria, but why doesn't the CSU do something about the transmitter instead of waiting for this mysterious repair person to come back from vacation? CSU was originally an engineering school, and WCSB brings in some money so its not a total burden. How many activities at CSU actually bring in some cash?

Sorry for being a troublemaker, but I do want to show I care ...
at on 30 January 2006

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Boogiepop Wa Warawanai (ブギーポップは笑わない, commonly translated as Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh, Boogiepop Never Laughs or Boogiepop Never Smiles) is the name, and central character, of a series of Japanese novels written by Kouhei Kadono and illustrated by Kouji Ogata. The first novels has been turned into a live action movie while a new story arc, not covered in the novels, covering the end of the first novel and part of the second novel has been turned into a 12 part Anime series called Boogiepop Phantom. The first two novels have also been turned into two graphic novels or Manga called Boogiepop Wa Warawanai and Boogiepop Dual. The Anime series and movie (March 2005 TRSI) have been officially translated into English and licensed for translation and sale outside of Japan.

Most Westerners are familiar with it through the anime series Boogiepop Phantom.

Boogiepop is best characterized as young adult fiction, with a paranormal horror bent. However, the convoluted, non-linear storyline of the anime series, Boogiepop Phantom, is probably more suitable to educated mature audiences than most young adult viewers.

The first novel, Boogiepop and Others, describes the battle between a mysterious man called Echoes and a bloodthirsty creature called the Manticore; the students at Shinyo Academy who are caught in the crossfire; and the involvement of Boogiepop, a crime-fighting super heroine of sorts, in these events.

The anime series starts at the end of the first novel.

There are currently ten core Boogiepop novels, three novels set within the universe and four short story collections.

In Late 2005, Seven Seas Entertainment announced that they had aquired the rights to publish translations of the Boogiepop Novels and manga in america. "Boogiepop and Others" is scheduled for release on Febuary 14, 2006.

Boogiepop Novels
Boogiepop and Others, 1 February 1998. ISBN 4-8402-0804-2
Boogiepop Returns vs. Imaginator: Part 1 "SIGN", 1 August 1998. ISBN 4-07-309430-0
Boogiepop Returns vs. Imaginator: Part 2 "PARADE", 1 August 1998. ISBN 4-07-309447-5
Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora, 1 December 1998. ISBN 4-07-310350-4
Subtitle: "Does anybody really know what time is it?"
Boogiepop Overdrive: The False King, 1 February 1999. ISBN 4-07-310887-5
Subtitle: "Heartbreaker II"
Boogiepop at Dawn, 1 May 1999. ISBN 4-8402-1197-3
Boogiepop Missing: Pepperment Wizard, 1 August 1999. ISBN 4-8402-1250-3
Subtitle: "Rise and fall of poor innocent puppet"
Boogiepop Countdown Embryo: Violation, 1 December 1999. ISBN 4-8402-1358-5
Boogiepop Wicked Embryo: The Growing Flames, 1 February 2000. ISBN 4-8402-1414-X
Boogiepop Paradox: Heartless Red, 1 February 2001. ISBN 4-8402-1736-X
These Kouhei Kadono books take place within the Boogiepop universe:

Holly & Ghost: Boogiepop Unbalance, 25 September 2001. ISBN 4-8402-1896-X
Welcome to Jinx Shop: Boogiepop Staccato, 25 March 2003. ISBN 4-8402-2293-2
Lost Mobius: Boogiepop Bounding, 25 April 2005. ISBN 4-8402-3018-8
Beat's Discipline Side 1 [Exile], 25 March 2002. ISBN 4-8402-2056-5
Beat's Discipline Side 2 [Fracture], 25 August 2003. ISBN 4-8402-2430-7
Beat's Discipline Side 3 [Providence], 25 September 2004. ISBN 4-8402-2778-0
Beat's Discipline Side 4 [Indiscipline], 25 April 2005. ISBN 4-8402-3120-6
Other Boogiepop Works
Boogiepop Wa Warawanai, manga, based on Boogiepop and Others. (ran 10/99-05/01)
Two volumes. Volume 1 ISBN 4-8402-1754-8. Volume 2 ISBN 4-8402-2279-7.
Boogiepop Dual, manga, drawn by Masayuki Takano. (ran 11/99-10/00)
Two volumes. Volume 1 ISBN 4-8402-1526-X. Volume 2 ISBN 4-8402-1705-X.
Boogiepop and Others, live-action movie
Boogiepop Phantom, 12-episode anime, sequel to Boogiepop and Others
Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others, a music album by Yuki Kajiura. 30 April 2002.
Published in the USA by Animetrax. Catalog ID AT9311, MSRP $14.98.
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